=At Minus 190 Degrees Celsius=

Falling deeper into
My own premonition
Without any distraction
With frozen lips
I whisper softly
To my love,
Frozen at minus 190 degrees Celsius
That I'm nothing but a bad dream
And the androgenyous creature lets me share one
Illusional kiss on her and him.

In silence,
Neverending distance
I remember a face so clearly
And one of the painful sigs holding dearly,
A figure I try to delete
And lonely good nights
And I wake up
And I can only remember his oceanic eyes.

Drowning in a frozen lake,
Illusion of a kiss
Nothing but a fake,
An angel without any wings
Crouching down to the dirty ground
Loving with the eyes and the mind
Between ice of imaginary lust
Silenced to a love that only turns into snow dust.