Authors Note: This is too full of metaphors for me to tell you what to look
for; I'd rather let you decide what it means yourself. And I'd be
interested to hear your opinion. This is a new style I've been playing with
for a while.I don't know how good it is.
~ is for stanza breaks, fictionpress tends to mess those up for me.
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some kind of vampire

it hurts like knives, twisting, below my ribcage
and my heart is covered with the blood they
spill. you come into my room, walking like no
human should be able to walk, phantom and
so beautiful. touch my shoulder and try to make it
better somehow as if the peace in you can flow and
ebb out of your skin and into mine.
i shudder and my skin cracks under your hand
the rest of my body following. i have no control
anymore over the convulsions and the shaking. falling
over to face you (don't look so surprised. this was
all about you in the beginning) feeling something
slide up my throat
i vomit up snakes into your lap, each glowing with
spit and saliva and moonlight from the suns
hidden places. you wait until i'm finished and then
pin me to the bed, casting demons in and out of
my eyes. the snakes slither into safe places, as your
face melts and turns into a river of
blood, splitting down the middle to grant me
safe passage. (does that mean i'm moses or noah?)
your blood hits my face, my eyes, i can taste the
bitter copper in my mouth.
you're turning me into some kind of vampire,
letting me steal the lives of all the cats that i
meet. for no good reason, you're giving me forever
and demanding my heart and my secrets
neither which i give willingly--
crushed in the palm of your hand
i can't make my self forget december every
moment of blackness that can take your soul
and so much more. you told me that's my month
and i remember every word you said to me then. so
take care to take my soul. i wouldn't want you
hurt. your black blood and my self made cuts can bring
my world to dirt.