I'm going to lay myself down and wish
that the stars will fall, along side
of me, with my life and my death
in my hands, crying not about this
darkness creeping closer as I crawl
farther in the depthless sky of
lies and imagined mirrors of the truth.
I'm going to run away and break a wall
covered with portraits in darkness
as I begin to feel the pain and evil
in this practiced frenzy called dance
with the moment of my memories or less
or more that will not stop, will not
stray away from the phantom I call to.
I'm going to hide beneath the broken
ice, and all those tears, that caught
me as the black shadow followed death,
turned to the dark side of the moon,
and cried about the forgotten angels,
or fallen ones, that mystify the breath,
the words, that has chosen our path.
I'm going to watch the sky and
the eclipse that silenced my voice,
and sorrow, we must rinse away the wrath
of the illusion that everything exists
that pulls us away, that pulls us within
this world with silhouettes of hatred
that all disappear in the black mists.