Santa-Dad Got Stuck Up in the Chimney

Once upon a time there was this eight-year-old boy, who wanted to stay up until Santa comes, but his parents wouldn't let him. How unfair, 'cause we all know that Santa's not real. They should let him stay up. We all know that your parents wrap and put the gifts under the tree. Anyway, he didn't make such a fuss about it he just went to bed.

Later that night/morning at one O'clock something made a loud noise and woke the little boy up. He got out of bed and went to his mom and dad's room, but they weren't there. He walked out and into the living room where he had spotted his mom over by the fireplace.

The little boy spoke, "Mom, what are you doing?"

"Honey, what are you doing up?" she asked.

"I couldn't sleep, because I heard a noise." He explained. "Who's up the chimney? Santa?" he asked excitedly as he saw the feet sticking out of the fireplace.

"Um, yeah. It's Santa." She answered.

A few minutes that somebody up in the chimney yelled, "Aaaahhhh! Help! I'm stuck!"

"Dad?" the boy thought he'd heard that voice before. He did. "Mom, I can't believe you. You said that Santa was coming tonight, not some phony like Dad!"

"Parents just say he's real, because when their child finds out he's not real, they get all mad at them!" he yelled as he marched back to his room and sat on his bed and cried the whole night. He couldn't believe his parents. He was mad at them for doing that all his life since he was born.

The End!