Born Saints, Twisted Sinners
~ * ~
Come from beneath
and eat away at the pain,
Let kisses fall like droplets
of acidic black rain,
Shattered inside
and torn limb from limb,
Prey on me for satisfaction
'til I choose to give in,
~ * ~
Look in my eyes
and watch fear turn to lust,
My blood will flow freely
before it turns to red dust,
Quench a deep thirst
and drink the life out of me,
Kill the demon that possessed
my soul endlessly
~ * ~
You watch me writhe
and fall weak to your desire,
You're a black magic junkie
from the embers of Hell's fire,
You watch me faint
and grasp my soul with your hand,
Save me now, saint
and watch your sins turn to sand
~ * ~
You lick your lips
and return to my red skin,
Icy breath dances upon me
'til I feel your teeth sink in,
The world seems hollow
and my life force gets thinner,
You were born a saint
to be my twisted sinner
~ * ~
©2003 Louise Anne Pritchard