Race of Cowards
~ * ~
We are nothing but scattered ashes upon the face of the Earth,
Burnt out memories of wars and battles for leadership and power,
We are the cindering embers, examples of our greed and malice,
Craving the title of dominance, drinking from the Devil's Chalice;
Savouring the taste of innocent virgin blood to reach higher planes
but drowning ourselves in the bitter red wine as we fall to defeat.
~ * ~
We are nothing but rotting cadavers, Slaves of the Past,
Flesh eaten to the bone and dignity corroding to a vengeful Abyss,
Spirits feeling the heat from the Flames until we burn a second time,
Smouldering in our greed and hate, tasting again the Devil's Wine,
We are the Sinners of our world, the God forsaken unruly children,
Ethics and dignity lost as we rape our morals to achieve control:
~ * ~
We are nothing but minions of the Devil whom have lavished
in the sadism of violating the innocent, been aroused by the sight
of sickness, pain inflicted upon naked flesh and drank the evidence,
Brainwashed servants worshipping his Evil, loving his presidency,
Masochists performing rituals of mutilation to satisfy his appetite,
We are merely puppets upon brittle strings with blades in our hands;
~ * ~
We are nothing but a race of Cowards
~ * ~
©2002/2003 Louise Anne Pritchard