*Author's Note*

Hey, guys. I'm sorry a haven't updated in a while. I am on serious writer's block. And I mean serious. If you want to blame someone, blame my muse. She has gone missing, and it is tormenting me. She's about......4 feet tall, has long brown hair up to her waist and gold slitted eyes. Plus she has pointy ears. She's not a normal muse, because I'm not completely human, and she's tied to my soul. If you find her, call 1-800-FIND-MY-MUSE. It would be a big help. Well, thanks guys. I'll update AS SOON AS POSSILE. So please don't worry. If anything, read some of the other stories I have posted. There's a vampire one called 'The Hunters', then there's a vampire and werewolf one called 'Against All Odds'. And if you've already read those, I have an account on fanfiction.net. So if you want, go read my stories there. On that website I'm known as Final Spirit. Well, see ya soon.