This is a little story, I came up with while looking at my precious moments snowglobe. I love those little things and I've been collecting them ever since I could remember.

Since, I came up with this little idea, I'm going to use myself as the main character. I really don't like myself all that much, so this really is a story thats about the fluff between me and my very very close, more then a friend Ben. I haven't talked to him, so hopefully he won't kill me for using his name..sorry.


I looked in awe, I had always loved snowglobes, and I had a few of my own, but of course, me being only five, they were plastic. Not big and pretty like this one, inside the globe was two people, a man and a woman. She was very pretty, much prettier than I was, and the man was very handsome. They looked to be on a sidewalk, and were holding hands, sharing a kiss.

I tugged on my father's pants, "Daddy, can I have that?" I asked, not taking my eyes off of it.

He looked up, and saw what I wanted, "Hmm..someday, but how about I get you a little plasic one? You're a little small for that one." he said smiling at me.

I smiled back, knowing that I was a klutz, and probably would break it, "okay!" I said excited.

In the car home, I was shaking this little plastic snowglobe, I still longed for the one I saw in the store. One with a little plastic figurine inside, just like the outside.

I didn't know what I liked so much about snowglobes back then, or even now for that matter. I guess it was because there was a little world inside, a world that looked perfect. The things inside, even though they didn't move were perfectly still, nothing wrong with them, perfect.

Soon, the years past, I still collected snowglobes, I started to get real ones, still small of course.

I never got my big one though, I guess because of the money problems we were having, or something I guess.

I was sitting up in room, looking at each and every one of them. All perfect, all in their own little world which in snowed, glitter, confetti, I wished I could live in a world like that. I turned over on my bed and sighed.

It was only a split second later that I heard some knock on the door, "Come in!" I said, just flipping over off of my bed.

The door opened to reveal a very familar and loving face, I didn't expect to see, "Hey!" he said, before running up to me and giving me a big hug.

"Ben! Wow, I thought you don't get back until two weeks from now!" I said, graciously hugging back.

"Well, I talked to my mom, and she let me stay here, just for you Angie." he said before kissing me on the nose.

I smiled, blushed a little, and kissed him back on the nose. "Alrighty then."

I got out of his arms, and he looked over to my snowglobes. "Still shaking those?" he asked letting out a laugh.

"Hey! I told you that I love them, and theres nothing you can do to get rid of them!" I said before smiling. I knew that he would never make me, or want me to get rid of them.

He smiled back, "How about me and you go out for a walk?" he asked.

"Sure" I said, before putting my coat and shoes on.

We went out, and walked around the city, and came by that same shop. I pulled him over to the window, and looked in, seeing that some snowglobes were displayed in the window.

I stood there looking, and saw the one from all those years ago, and gasped.

"What? What's wrong?" Ben asked, looking at me a little oddly.

I then told him about the snowglobe, and when I first saw it.

He smiled, "Well...come on then!" he said before grabbing my hand.

"Ben? What are you doing?" I said as he took me inside, and stood behind the cashier.

"My mom gave me some money, in case I wanted to order pizzas for the next two weeks. Well I have enough food at home to last even longer, so why not?" he said smiling at me.

I frowned, "Ben, you can't do that, espically just for me.." I said pouting.

He turned around and kissed me, my first kiss, when I was thirteen, being kissed by a fifteen year old guy, in a figurine shop of all places. "Come on you Angie..know you want to have it.." he said breaking the kiss.

I pouted, "all right.."

He smiled, "thats it!"

He bought the snowglobe, and me and him were walking back to my place. Him carring a bag, and me onto his arm.

He stopped.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"It's...snowing." he repiled, looking up to the sky, then back at me.

I smiled, I was in my perfect world, at that moment, but it wasn't that perfect.

He reached down once again, and kissed me. Now it was. That moment felt like an enerity, an enerity in my own little snowglobe along with Ben.


Well, I tried to make it cute. I actually do have a snowglobe just like that..heh. The odd thing, is that I was looking at my precious moments one when that idea popped in my head, not that one..odd..

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