Sasebo. Small town in Japan.
Our own little group.
Remember the good times?
You and I, mixed emotions.
Spring Break at the Waterfront, 2001.
Remember the love?
Late night, bomb shelter raids.
So afraid we would get caught.
Remember the fear?
Pool party, Summer of 2002.
Waterslide chain all night.
Remember the bruises?
Ramen Shop. Near the arcade.
500 yen for a bowl.
Remember the taste?
Plastic bag, after the movie.
Cheesestick on the sidewalk.
Remember the laughs?
Kiss that never happened.
Best friends. Always there.
Remember the advice?
Halloween at Hario housing.
Courtney Love.Skater Chick. Jester Hat.
Remember the rain?
My last day. January 2003.
Silence. Couldn't find words to say.
Remember the tears?
Checked my email. No new letters
Said that we'd always write.
Remember the promise?
6 months later. San Diego.
Confused. Feeling forgotten.
Remember me?