Verse 1
A word with 4 letters.
Explains most emotions.
They say its much better.

You say that you love me.
My heart skips a beat.
What is it in me, you see?

Dont love me.
Please dont say..
Those words that haunt me everyday.

Oh.I dont know.
What it is.
I hope Ill get through this

Im a little scared, of how I feel.
Im in a place where, these words dont seem real.
Im a little lost, I wont play this game.
I know you may love me, but do I feel the same?

Verse 2
Something Id like to do.
Out of your life.
Escape from "I love you"s.

A word that scares me.
Erased from my mind.
And my vocabulary.

Oh why me?
Why today?
You got me feeling like this, over words you say.

Oh. Here I go.
Time to hide.
The feelings that I keep inside.

Repeat Chorus and End