Kissing Thin Air

We lay in bed, cuddling up close to each other. I wake up with the gleaming sun, stinging my eyes as usual. Birds flutter outside of the window, making silhouettes on the pale cream walls. I stuff my face into the pillow, groaning softly. I hear the flower plastered sheets move slightly. A hand makes its way to my shoulder. Slender fingers roam my back, I left my head up and my eyes meet the sparkling blue eyes. Without saying a word, she just giggles. She chuckles at the fact I am sunlight sensitive. Her giggles turn into a roguish smirk, warming my love sickened heart. She rests her head on my breasts, making my body her temporary sanctuary home. The only discreet sound is her heart pulsating against mine. We lay nestles together, no interruptions, no where to go. She twirls her legs and interlocks them with mine. My stomach vibrates inside every time she traces her slender fingers across my chest.

Our breathing continues to entwine together, more heavily each minute. The temptations to kiss her spring into my mind. But the heavenly sight of her swan-like neck, resting on me, ceases my temptations. She lays on me, with her sleepy eyes wide shut. Such a perfect image to ruin. I pull her petite figure in a closer grasp, not wanting to let go of her. I whisper her name softly, but she has fallen asleep. Her long hair trickles down my shoulder, mahogany tresses staying in place. I do not dare to move or say a word. I do not want to demolish the peaceful image of the beautiful figure sleeping. Birds chirp once again, she awakes from her peaceful sleeping state. Icy blue eyes meet mine again. A smile forms on her crimson shade lips. Her breasts are like warm cushions, like a love nest. Her eyes are like a sea, drowning me in her gaze. Most of all, her lips are like precious flowers, dying to be caressed and kissed.

Without hesitation, I stroke her cheeks and part my lips with hers. Returning the favor, she places her fingers on me gently, dousing her tongue into my mouth. I feel the wall of her mouth form into a bigger smile. She is the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on. She's the golden state in my heart. She is the sun and moon existing, shining brightly each day and night. I pull away, gazing into her eyes one last time. I grasp her tightly again, I feel her dissolve from my arms. The sunshine fades and reduces to a swarthy night. She is gone now, just a dream. I kiss only the thin air. If only I could taste her lips now, again. I still wait for her to return back to my side.

Without her grasping me tightly in my arms each night, alters me into a bitter, dreadful state. Tears soak my bed sheets everyday, nearly drowning me in my sleep. I mourn her name, waiting for her to return to me. I wait to link my pinky with hers, and touch her smooth peach face. She is my everything, even when I can only return to kissing thin air.

--End - By Jenna

May 7,2003