I step into the steamy haze,
As the water trickles down my body,
And every seraphic memory of you,
The softness of your voice,
Resounds in my corrupted mind,
The liquids pound on me,
My shaded heart of blackness,
Beats violently through my chest,
Every cell that holds bittersweet emotion,
Curdles, ascending through my stream,
Guiltiness thrashing me with shame,
My darkened heart alters forward,
Into the red pulsating color,
Where it solemnly belongs,
Because you're in the shower,
Behind me, pulling me in your grasp,
Feeling the softness of your skin,
I clutch the side, about to tumble,
You catch me in your gentle embrace,
Your hands like wet silk,
Tickling my breasts with your fingertips,
Hoping your endeavor hug,
Keeps me standing with you,
For a permanent interlock,
I sing words softly,
Words that fit place escape my mouth,
"And I'd give up forever to touch
You, because I know that you
Feel me somehow, you're the
Closest to heaven,
That'll I'll ever be."
And I open up my eyes,
The steam manhandling me,
Choking me with the guilty state,
I climb out of the shower,
I lay on the fabric,
As my hair drips, soaking the sheets,
Tears spring from my eyes,
Once again, in an emotional tone,
Whimpering your name,
I pick up the phone,
Fingers trembling, buttons like a brick,
Praying for euphoria, your voice,
The disappointing machine endures,
And my sobs cease, into a lamentful cry,
Waiting for another chance,
To tell you that I love you,
That I want you in my arms,
For a blissful eternity,
To let you know that your life,
Will be free and invigorated,
I wait for you my ravishing little sweet,
Love me until the earth's remnant,
Placing my pinky finger with yours,
I close my eyes once again,
You're there, inside me.

For you Kerri.
I love you.

March 23rd,2003