Reclining in my soft bed,
Alone as I stare at the cream walls,
I close my eyes, blackness availing me,
Seeing your face,
I weep to a maudlin state,
My bones seep into dust,
As your beautiful face is there,
In my mind I can see the mere image,
Now your presence fills my bed,
Wrapping your arms around me,
Coddling me with gentle pecks,
Candle light exalting the air,
Filled with fresh scents,
Including the softness of your hair,
The fragrance of your peach skin,
Your arms mold around me,
Almost as if they belong,
Tied to my waist, so complex,
I reverse to your side,
As our eyes meet in a daze,
Your slender fingers entwining with mine,
Ruby lips touch for the first time,
Of the mournful sorrow night,
As we partake in a sentimental kiss,
Our body oppressed close together,
Roaming our hands beyond untouchable places,
Peeling off the distraught clothing,
That hid the nakedness of our bodies,
The passionate kiss deepens,
Into it's own abysmal state,
The smoothness of grinding,
Breasts touching subjacent,
Locked inside a lustful world,
Together, changing positions,
Tongue dipping into our wombs,
Sucking of honey taste,
Dribbling down our hungry mouths,
Moaning for more,
Groans filling the lust room,
Climax spring into open,
You pull me into a grasp,
Kissing my forehead,
The love making retreats,
Until another night.

March 26/2003