Thanks to Lucy Ricardo ( 343286 ) for these suggestions!

The name of a person ---Jack Crinkly Four random sentences ---the firetruck drove down the block ---And that is when i lost it ---she was in a padded cell ---the chicken is in the well A type of food ---Flan A problem or crisis ---his head is caught in a fence Genre ---dark comedy Starting time: 11:17 PM ===============================================================
Jack Crinkly was a man who thought he had it all. He was on top of the world, he didn't have a care in the world, and his life at the moment could be easily described through clich├ęs. But he was poor as a church mouse.

"I used to be have a multi-billion dollar Flan company, FlancCo. But one day, something terrible happened. My wife went crazy and stole a fire truck. She drove through downtown yelling "the chicken is in the well!" Well, she wasn't well. Eventually, the fire truck drove down the block and crashed into the FlanCo. headquarters. And that is when I lost it...all."

His roommate and brother, Chip Crinkly, was awakened by Jack's ramblings. "Who are you talking to?" he asked groggily. Jack turned on the nearest lamp.

"You've been sleeping this whole time? I didn't see you go to sleep. I hate being in a dark comedy."

Chip focused his eyes to Jack. "What's that thing around your neck?"

"Oh, you know how I got my head stuck in a fence? Well, it's still stuck in the knot, but I managed to pull the plank out of the ground and take it home with me."

"Whatever. Goodnight."

Chip went back to sleep. Jack laid down to rest, too, hoping the next day would bring him better luck. And who knows...maybe it would be longer. And more worth reading about. =============================================================== End time: 11:32 PM