Blending In

Why is it something we all want to do?
Find a group, a category to fit into?
Why can't we just be who we are,
Without worrying about what label we have?

Is it necessary to hate those who dress differently,
Or listen to a different genre of music?
Do the clothes that we wear really make us who we are,
And if they don't, then why all the fuss?

Does it make you feel good to belong?
Or does it make you upset,
Because to belong, you first must change,
And become a clone of everybody else.

Life was so much simpler when people liked each other for the inside, not the outside.

Life was so much nicer before the cliques all took over, making up new rules that everyone has to live by.

And when the next craze comes, you will all change again,
You will think you are no longer "cool,"
And look around for someone else to start following.

Why not be a leader, not a sheep?
Why not decide who you are, and stick with that truth?