The ultimate celebration of life,

The permanent victory over strife.

Death was banished forever more,

His legend but a tale of yore.

But the light repeatedly slowly failed,

Darkness will soon again begin to prevail.

Wind whispering through the trees,

Is now becoming a shattered scream.

Death will wander with mindless purpose

To strive to continue its grim service.

A gleam of light, a shine of hope's ray,

Is soon to appear some fabulous day.

Better to sleep and never awaken,

Than enter a reality so forsaken.

How yet can he say such words?

Look at the wonder inspiring birds!

I see merely plague filled skies,

Ravens wishing to dine upon men's eyes.

One looked at the other and said with a sigh,

"Fine then, leave me, I'm ready to die."

The other decided to, his last apology give.

"Sorry, old friend, I desire to live."

So Despair and Hope parted that day,

But now who knows which went the right way?