"No one Ever"

I think you should know
Why I try to be ever strong
Why I never want to show
All I've concealed so long
I've had a crazy, crazy life
No one ever came around
To soothe the wounds and strife
So I locked it up without a sound
I don't ever want to be
The vulnerable little girl, you see
No one ever held me
Alone is the only way I know to be
I always envisioned
Warm arms embracing me
I had to make decisions
Because no one ever saved me

No one ever came around to hold me
As I cried
Every promise was broken
They lied


I almost don't know how to accept
Comfort and affection
No one ever came to hold me
I've ever only felt rejection

My mother never came to want me
My daddy never came to love me
My prince never came to save me
And I've never come to love me

But I'm the only one I can rely on
I've had no shoulder to cry on
So many 'dark nights of the soul'
But I wouldn't let it take its permanent toll


They tell me
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
I tell myself I didn't have anyone then
I don't need anyone any longer

But I know that's not true
When I give comfort to many
I wish I could be soothed too
.. bestowing compassion is my only comfort