Happily Imperfect
by Paperclippe
I might not have
The whitest teeth
Or the smoothest skin
Or the shiniest hair
So what?
I'm different.
I may not possess
The greatest talents:
The best pianest
The clearest voice
Or the most inspiring writer
But so what?
I'm still good (and I'm working on it)
I might not be
The smartest kid
The prettiest girl
The greatest at sports (not good at all)
So what.
Neither are you!
I might not own
The biggest house
Or the fastest car (it's pretty fast)
Or the greatest wardrobe
Well, so what?
I don't need or want any of that.
But I'll tell you this much:
I do have
Pretty blue eyes
I do possess
An over-active imagination
I am
Just what I like me as
I do own
Meaningful things
And you know what?
I'm not perfect (at all)
But I'm something
And I'll tell you what -
I'm PERFECTly okay with that.