Binary Pain

Two stars shine in the horizon
Instead of one.
Trembling quakes cause cracks
In the depths of my soul.

A world full of change,
A heart filled with fear.
Confusion shrouds morality,
As the paths lead farther apart.

Fed with simple dreams,
Naivety clings to false faith.
Waves of bliss wash away apprehension,
Leaving an empty spirit.

Whispers tug the conscious,
Daydreams shadow the nights.
Until the raw emotions
Draw a withered silhouette.

Caught in between
The sun and the moon,
I hear it call my name softly.
Dazed, I stumble to the edge.

A bittersweet circumstance
Pulls you closer to illusion.
Sheltered in a perfection,
I will not let go.