ok, i know its not great, but it just kind of fell out onto the keys.

so many thoughts
so many feelings
leaving all my
senses reeling
clouded over
from wondering
how to show her
my truth for her
that lies within
i do not know where
to begin
feelings no words
could express
but try i will
to do my best
with words alone
what i'm feeling
what i'm thinking
what i'm seeing
when i look
into her eyes
kiss her lips
hear her sighs
see her smile
feel her touch
hear her laugh
there is so much
to her that i
take for granted
she is all i
ever wanted
yet here i sit
alone and writing
hating, loving
thinking, fighting
trying to
to decide my fate
should i now?
should i wait?
should i tell her?
does she know,
that i just cant
let her go?
will she forgive me
once again
or was the last
really the end?
or will we spend
the rest of our days
together? just us
forever always
to her i share
the thoughts and feelings
for she leaves
my senses reeling...