Fine! Ignore me!
Pretend I don't exist
See through me

I don't care any longer
I've had to much time to wonder
Why I struggle to keep my identity
Even as my friends brush by me
How much did I change?
My priorities did rearrange
I've become a tag along, a third wheel
What's the deal?
Did I do something wrong?
Where do I belong?
I'm shy
So new friends are hard to come by
Though few notice this quality
Or see through my negativity
What is the cause of my hate?
No one wants to know, to this date
It doesn't matter
My lonliness gets "fatter"
It grows
Until it blows
When it does, you might want to run,
Take cover, stop your fun
When it comes out
I'm going to shout
At the top of my lungs

That's your warning
Don't ignore me
Or you might recieve my anger
Your emotions would be in danger
If you recieve this hatred