Black Sheep - Parable of the Apostor


Catholic. It means universal. All of us humans in one big happy flock. Which makes apostasy its own punishment. The apostor is the black sheep led to slaughter.

But can the black sheep help being black? He's been forced all his life to be something he's not, and never given the voice to say that he's another thing. The black sheep has gone with the rest of the flock, managing to be overlooked. It's led around on an invisible--but tight--chain. All his life, the black sheep has wanted to break from the chain and go live with the goats in the mountains.

Even if he's different from the goats, too. But even if he could somehow break the chain, there's the vicious shepherding dogs. Lassie may look sweet, but she's got teeth. So the black sheep has always followed the flock, losing hope of ever seeing the mountains.



Author's Note: This drabble is something very emotional for me, as you'll see if you read my bio. Feedback would mean something beyond words. Feel free to bring the fire and brimstone of righteousness down on me.