Split Infinity
An Original Anime/Manga
By Ayakaishi Fei

Chapter One

"I am now posting the notes for today's lesson on the message board, please down load now, and review at your own leisure."

Lazily Angel summoned the codes to the forefront of her mind, and down loaded the days lesson, saving it into her computer, she would review them later so she could do her summative. Slowly she pushed the books on her desk into a pile, and let the computer dissolve them. She stood up, and reached up to shut off the virtual monitor she had clipped around her head in the real world. A touch on her arm stopped her.

"Yeah?" She said letting her hand drop as the virtual teacher drew his arm back,

"Angel, I'm sure you are aware that you are one of our best students." Angel ignored the praise and waited for him to come to the point, "I don't think that the advanced class really challenges your mind. I was wondering if you would consent to being put on a higher individual program." Angel glanced away and let her eyes dart around her programmed surroundings before giving an answer,

"I'd rather not sir. I like it where I am." The virtual features flickered with surprise; he had not expected her answer. As one of the elite educators, he was programmed to teach the elite classes of future geneticists, brain surgeons, IT programmers, virtual system creators, midis, energetisists and so forth, he was not used to students not wishing to achieve their full potential. The holo stepped back,

"Well," his voice came out tinny, and the smile that was supposed to be genuine looked fake, "We watch your career with interest Angel Narrissen. With great interest." Angel squirmed uncomfortably at his words; she did not relish the idea of midi observance. The holo flickered out, and Angel was left in the virtual room. She should never have shown such intelligence, but to let her intelligence drop, after this would be to call much attention to herself. She cast another look around the virtual room, Sparrow was long gone. He had likely logged out to eat, with a sigh Angel did the same, and as she left, the virtual room folded on itself, and disappeared. Angel leaned forward and set the discarded monitor onto the stand. She looked around the tiny apartment she inhabited in the real world. Angel rolled out of the reclining chair, and stood up. The chair folded back, leaving the space bare. Angel stumbled lazily over to the food generator, and dialled the code for her favourite of the flavourless energy foods. She could catch a proper meal, or rather one that tasted proper when she was online later. The synthetic foods tasted of nothing, but they were the best possible things for you, so the synthetic food dispensers were installed in all the apartments in the hive. Angel crumpled the synthetic cup in her hand, and tossed it into the shute. It would there be cleaned and liquefied and remade into a new cup for the people of the lesser classes.

Angel picked the remote off the fold out table, and the vid in the floor flipped up. The 3D characters of the holo moved around the vid square. Angel scowled, and pulled the kit out of a hole in the wall, and stuck the stickers onto her skin. The aim was to build muscles, using electrical impulses, but it didn't get rid of any of her energy. Angel walked over to her computer, and transferred a file out of the computer memory banks and into her own. The impact of the knowledge on her brain made her head spin, but before the hour was through Angel had scanned the knowledge in her own brain, and had begun to teach herself the ancient, and almost dead art of Taekwondo.


It was nearly 5 hours later, and the digitised clock in her apartment read 2:00am. Not that time really mattered. Since the accident with the ozone layer nobody went outside anymore. And why should they? Everything they needed was in the hive. Children were brought up by the system, then they grew up on their own, and became whatever was required of them. It was a system that worked. Angel debated between doing her homework, and logging into one of the disco cafés that she knew most of her friends would be frequenting. In the end the disco won out, and Angel pulled on the virtual monitor. She was at her homepage. A virtual "house" it was called. Angel had designed hers to resemble the medieval castles of old. From the outside she tapped in the codes to modify her appearance until she was happy with it. The boots held the swirling colours that made most people feel uneasy. Her short skirt and tube-top were made out of the nothingness style material that was hot with the mid-elites one last code tapped in, and Angels hair turned electric blue and framed her face in a similar manner to the simulation games of the early 21st century. With a satisfied smirk Angel tapped in the address of the café, and found herself there as the rest of the landscape dissolved and then reformed to the image of the disco café.


Angel almost had a heart attack when a pair of arms slid round her waist, but relaxed and greeted her assailant with a quick peck on the cheek,

"Silver, baby, where you been?" She asked.

Aforementioned girl shrugged, brushing silver locks out of similar coloured eyes, "Around the place. Where's Sparrow?"

Angel shrugged in return; "I haven't seen him since class, when the teacher stopped me to talk I-"

"What?" Silver broke in, "He noticed you? Not good Angel."

"I know." Angel agreed, "But I'm thinking maybe I'll slowly be able to slip back, spend more time dancing then studying. I miss the good old days when classes were big and we never went."

Silver laughed, "It's your own fault gorgeous, dropping me for that hunk of a man you go around with these days."

Angel smiled, "You're not still mad about that are you?" She asked, even though the event in question had happened well over a year ago.

"Nah," Silver said grinning at the girl, "Still." She added wistfully

"What?" Angel asked.

Silver laughed, "Nothing, I'm off to go dance with her." She nodded towards a slender dark haired girl, who had a remarkable resemblance to Angel when she wasn't dressed to party. Angel smiled and let Silver kiss her chastely on the lips, "Have fun sweetie."

Silver laughed already approaching her victim; "I plan to." She called back before swooping down on the girl and begging her to dance.

Angel sighed and looked around the virtual room; it writhed with people of all descriptions, some nice looking, and some not so nice looking. Spotting another of her long time friends she swooped over and laughingly greeted the spiky haired boy with a kiss.

"Angel!" He objected wide blue eyes shocked, "Can't you see I'm with someone."

Angel laughed sitting down on his lap, "Course Hero." She looked over at his companion and offered a hand, "Hi, I'm Angel."

"I'm Song." The other boy said taking the hand. His long writhing hair appeared to be made out of snakes, and he was wearing sparkling lip-gloss, leather pants and very little else.

"Great, so you trying to hook up with Hero?" She asked brashly.

"I didn't realise he had a girlfriend." Song admitted looking slightly embarrassed. By this time Hero was looking fit to kill the girl in his lap. Angel blinked, "Neither did I, Hero, why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend, I thought you were gay. You call yourself my friend." She pouted. Song laughed. Hero glared, "Speaking of friends where's Sparrow?"

Angel shrugged, "I haven't seen him since class. Silver asked about him too."

Hero looked faintly worried; "Silver was concerned about him?"

"Not really," Angel replied, "Not concerned enough to distract her from kissing me, or," She added smirking, "Her newest conquest." She stared over at Silver and her new girlfriend, "In fact she doesn't looked worried at all."

Hero nodded distractedly, "I suppose you're right. Still, usually we can't pry you two apart with a crow bar. It's worrying if you haven't seen him since class."

Angel tilted her head to the side, "You're right. It is. different. Perhaps Beau has seen him."

"Beau?" Song questioned, becoming interested in the conversation, "As in Section 11: DF457KQ?" He questioned, quoting the ID number from memory.

Angel nodded. "Oui. He and Sparrow used to date a few years back. They're still very close as far as I know."

Song laughed in amazement. "Beau's ex. I do believe I know who you're talking about." He exclaimed, "Medium-tall, blonde hair, violet eyes, sort of skinny."

Angel winced then nodded, "Yeah close enough."

Song smirked, "He was hot. So who'd you say he was dating now?"

"That would be Angel." A tiny green haired girl inserted pulling aforementioned girl off Hero and into her own arms.

"Cell!" Angel greeted the girl, this time greeting her with a proper kiss instead of an avoiding one.

"So chickie, talking about your man instead of screwing him? What happened between you two?"

"Nothing!" Angel sang, "Why does everyone think that something's happened just because we're not all over each other!"

Cell shrugged, "Forget I mentioned it. So lover, shall we dance?"

Angel shrugged, "Sure. I'll see you guys later, kay?" She said, more to Hero then Song. Both boys nodded, "Tell Beau I said hi, if you see him." Song called back, then both boys went back to their flirting and Angel smirked, "So Cell, how you been?"

The girl shrugged, "Pas mal."

Angel laughed dancing seductively with Cell to the beat of the song.

"So where's Ana?" She asked curiously.

Cell shrugged, "We broke up."

"Oh. Cell, I'm sorry."

"Hey, no biggie. Shit happens you know."

Angel nodded her agreement, "This mean we're picking up tonight. or can I finally convince you to come have some fun with me and Sparrow?"

Green eyes glittered angrily and Cell pulled away,

"Stop offering Angel. You know what would happen if I agreed."

"We'd have fun." Angel said simply.

"You made your bed Angel. or rather you chose your bed partner. You can't have your cake and eat it too."

Angel watched Cell push her way through the mass of bodies,

"If I have a fucking cake of course I'm going to fucking eat it Cell." She said softly.

End Chapter One

Authors Notes: I wrote this absolutely ages ago - bout 2, 3 years back, so I'm not sure about how well it's written, since in my personal opinion I've improved a lot since then. This is kinda weird, but I thought I might post it anyway, see if anyone was interested...

Not sure whether I'll continue it, I have about half of the second chapter done, so yeah...