His touch,
Like a winter's sun.
Cold and misplaced.
My mind was blank,
As I sat on the edge of the bed,
My childhood being taken away forever.
I was a body,
Left with only thoughts of that night,
My purple underwear ripped off,
As I tried to get away.
How could I scream?
How could I ask for help?
No one could see what I felt,
I hid the truth,
I hid from myself,
I never wanted to face that night.
If I told the truth -
All would be my fault.
I ran from everyone like him -
Father, brothers, friends,
I could never trust,
I lost myself,
From a single touch.
One night,
I lost the purity of life,
And I let it happen.
Screams are never loud enough to erase the past,
My memories are imprinted on every one of my actions.
I remember looking at the moon,
Asking to die,
To erase my life,
I did not have will.
I did not have hope.
I only had pain.
A secret that destroyed my heart, murdered my trust,
And made me silent.
That night,
The little girl died,
Leaving what?