Through the dark streets they walked moving from street lamp to street lamp. The woman followed behind the man patiently playing with her hair thinking about this strange fellow. She had been doing her work for about three years now but she had never met a client like this one before. He was so handsome he shouldn't have had a problem finding a woman. Most of her clients were mariners and the like but this man seemed to be rich and well dressed. She thought to herself, Well the rich get lonely, too. She smiled at that. The man in the black coat stopped to look at the park across the street. He crossed. She crossed after him and followed him into the park. She sighed as they continued to walk. She looked around. The trees in the park were nearly bare due to the late autumn weather and the rain early in the day made the brick path slick. It was almost frightening to her. She finally asked the man, "Excuse me sir, but are we there yet?" He spoke to her without stopped or facing her, "Not much further, my dear." She thought he was smiling. Ten minutes later he stopped again, this time in front of a dark bridge underpass. The woman was looking into the trees until she suddenly came to a stop as she ran into his back. The man didn't even so much as grunt. He turned around and faced her. She was very close to him now. He smiled at her but she saw something in his cold blue eyes that weren't normal. She took two large steps back. His smile became wider. He slowly swung his left arm out gesturing to the underpass. "We are here, my dear," was all he said. He stood there with his arm out until she went under the bridge first. Though it was dark, she could still see his smile. Fortunately, she couldn't see his eyes. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out gloves as she began to undo the front laces of her dress. Before she even got halfway done he grabbed her wrist with a gloved hand. He squeezed tightly as he quickly pulled the woman toward him. She slammed against his chest knocking the air out of her, not giving her the chance to shriek. He wrapped his other arm around her neck so she couldn't draw breath again. He let go of her wrist and reached into his coat. The stun from the slam wore off and the woman began to flail wildly but he was far stronger than she was. She was growing desperate. She bit his arm as hard as she could and didn't let go. Suddenly, she was able to breathe again; the man was trying to swing her off his arm. He pulled a knife from his coat and the woman panicked. She let go of his arm and tried to run. He pulled on the back of he dress to bring her back. She kept trying to run as he kept trying to pull her back. Her ankle twisted as her dress ripped and she hit the ground. She attempted to scream and crawl away on her belly before the man leaped onto her back. He pulled the knife across her throat quickly and she lye there, still. Blood stained her dress and it ran through the cracks of the brick walkway looking like liquid darkness. The man wiped the bloody knife on the piece he ripped off and pulled himself up using the wall next to him. He slid the knife back into his coat and pulled out a much larger one. He began to bend over her when he suddenly heard a noise. He quickly put the knife back into his coat and laughed quietly. "Sorry we must cut this short, my dear," he said. "It has been a pleasure." He walked out from under the bridge calmly and became shrouded in fog. A man and a woman appeared from the opposite direction. "I know I heard it over here!" the woman said. The man rolled his eyes and said, "Remember the time you heard." He trailed off when he saw blood run out from underneath the bridge. The woman shrieked.