Friends Forever

Chapter 1: Annabelle Struder & Elizabeth Tutle


It was a bright Sunday morning, in the little town of Pleasentgrove, California. The birds were very excited, knowing that spring was coming soon, earlier than usual. All was quiet in town, as it was six in the morning. All was quiet except one house---where an argument was occuring at this early hour---as usually between mother and daughter.

"Dianne! I don't want to be here alone for a whole weekend with him! Annie already said I could stay with her---please Dianne just let me go." Elizabeth Tutle argued, as she screwed her face with a look of stubborness. She would never stay home alone with her father again. He's---used her too many times.

"Lizzie, I'll only be gone two days. And I've sent you to self defense classes, you're twelve years old and are able to take care of yourself!" Dianne, Elizabeth's mother, said in exasperation. She herself was 28 years old, having Elizabeth when she was 16. She never wanted her, but never had the money for an abortion. Now she was stuck with her and her drunk husband. Everytime he tried to kiss her, she could smell the whiskey on his breath. She thought of divorce so many times, but that cost money she didn't have. And he after all was quite rich---three mustangs, eight porches, a yacht, a house practically like a mansion they built in this small town, with a swimming pool, jacuzzi---they had everything. Still, it wasn't enough for happiness.

She looked down at her daughter, and glared. Well, at least this little girl kept her husband off her. Too bad she couldn't just let her live with Annie and her parents, but they had little money. Damn.

"Dianne! Please! Damn it, you know I'll stay with her anyways, but this way dad won't be coming over there looking for me!" Lizzie always talked to her mother like this, she never considered her a mother. The only family she had was Annie, since she had first moved there at the age of five. That's when her daddy struck the lottery---then soon after inherited all his parent's money---making him the third richest man in California. A rich asshole, Lizzie thought bitterly.

"Very well! I'll tell your father. Let me leave!" Dianne spat, then went to say goodbye to her husband. She was happy she talked him into letting her take this vacation. Time away from it all, and time for her to find somebody to make love to---God knows she needs it.

"Goodbye then Dianne." Lizzie said, then she ran upstairs to grab her bag, which was already packed. Her room was full of every material possesion she ever wanted, and more. Her father felt he could buy her body, and love. She scowled at this thought, then ran downstairs, waved to her parents, then left to two days of freedom with Annie.

She went over and over in her head what they could do. Watch movies until late, or go out on the town looking for some guys. Annie never liked that, she always wanted to just spend time with Elizabeth. She too, was twelve.

Annie's house was two blocks away, and Lizzie was absolutely beaming when she approached her front door. She knocked and waited for her best friend to answer.