The moments of sorrow

Small tears run down again,
after a run in with loved ones.
I count the drops, one, five, ten,
as they drip to the floor.
Crying out in my heart,
knowing it received a wound.
Sounds of stirring tell me to start.
I hide my reddened eyes.

I never let people see me cry,
those are MY moments of weakness.
When other's ask how I feel; I lie,
Saying I'm fine when I'm hurt.

Someday, when I'm no longer afraid ,
I will let the world see my tears.
and the feelings I've pent up won't be stayed,
I'll no longer ruled by the fear of exposing my pain.

Yet, despite all we have done wrong ,
We love each other now to always.
My family and I, are one,
even more so after moments of sorrow.