In the year 2003 there lived a young girl. She was stuck visiting her grandmother for the day. It wasn't the house and her grandmother that she disliked, (God how she loves that house!), but it was the long dragged out ride on dirt roads that annoyed her.

Walking up to the Victorian house was comforting. The neighborhood was filled with Victorian houses from the Victorian period, even the yards matched the houses. It was like this one part of America, this one small part, had been preserved. As if time forgot it existed. Even the people dressed fancy with dressed and tux's. It was almost insane. But Marlene liked it.

Marlene was named after the German actress Marlene Dietrich. Her middle name was Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe, and her last name was one that was seemingly unforgettable. Her last name was Rockefeller, although she had no ties to that rich family that lived in New York or somewhere around there. It always annoyed her so badly when people asked if she was related. Then again, seeing a name like Marlene Marilyn Rockefeller, who wouldn't ask?

Well there was only one rich person, her grandmother. She had gotten rich from her stocks. She sold them recently, but she was well off, the rest of the family was just really the average middle class type. This was part of the reason that Marlene loved hers. Today her aunt Gretta would be visiting, so she knew that there would be plenty of time to take the world into her own hands. Those three could talk and laugh and speak of the "good ole days" for what seemed like forever. Another good thing was they'd probably spend their whole day in her grandmother's large living room, with Victorian furniture, drinking tea, from Victorian cups, and listening to a classical radio station. This house didn't have television, and there were fireplaces, as well as heat. There were telephones, but they were the old type. Surprisingly there was running water, but no showers. And finally there was lighting, but most of the time lighting wasn't used too often.

Marlene knew what she would do. When the adults gathered downstairs and went off gossiping, she would sneak up to the second floor. It had large beautiful stairs and everything was so perfect. The banister that overlooked the foyer, and the long corridors and studies, and rooms, and she could go on forever. She just decided to rest her brain, she didn't need to think of what she was going to do, it didn't take thinking.