I have a little doll with me

It looks just like you do

Stay a while and then you'll see

The art of the voodoo

What happens when I pull it's eyes out?

Care to try a bit?

You twist and turn, you scream and shout

I've never seen such a violent fit

You make me angry little child

I think I'll rip open the neck

This game has begun to get wild

Next we'll pierce into the stomach

Now take these needles, and lift your chin

And hold your doll, there's no fear

My patience is growing very thin

With your last breath of life so near

Beat the damn doll with remaining strength

Smash it to a pulp inside

You know I'll go to any length

Rules of mercy I'll not abide

Then end draws swiftly near, my love

You are no more to me

A fallen angel from above

Goes straight to hell, you see