By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It had suddenly appeared within the solor system of our very own planet Earth from some mysterious sector of space and it had crash landed in the outskirts of a small town in the state of Colorado.

After they had spotted the mysterious object slamming into the woods,a pair of forest rangers had hiked their way over to the crash site and were shocked at the sight of a large Unidentified Flying Object in front of them.

One of the rangers,Paul Rogan was contacting their home base to let them know of their extraordinary find.

But while Paul was doing so,his partner,Rachel Langely had suddenly became curious about the metal alloy that the UFO was made out of and had decided to give it a touch.

But then,just as she was about to touch the UFO,a shocked Paul had yelled,"NO,RACHEL!DON'T TOUCH IT!"

But alas,his warning had came too late,for after she had touched the UFO,poor Rachel had suddenly gotten herself zapped by some extraterrestrial lazer beam,which had rendered Rachel unconscious.

And after her body had fell to the ground,a voice from inside the UFO had said,"Stage one is complete!We should now activate stage two!"

And then,the UFO had fired a second beam,which had teleported Rachel's unconscious body aboard the UFO.

"Stage two is complete!",the UFO said."We should now activate stage three and return our new test subject to the year 2991!"

And with that,the time pod had lifted itself up into the air and zoomed itself out of our era of time--and took poor Rachel with it.

The only thing that the time pod had left behind was a shocked Paul Rogan,who had began to wonder if he was to tell anyone about what happened to his partner on that unusual day,would they be able to believe him?