I took their smiles and made them mine

You were evil, I swear they were true when they said you were. The bullying, stealing, lying, cheating, it was enough to make anyone run.

I, I sold my soul just to hide the light

But inside every lemon is a little hint of goodness. You just didn't want to find it. You didn't want to give up your position. It gave you power, respect, glory. Everything you craved.

Now I see what I really am

Well, it's too late. Too late to fix, too late to mend. There's nothing anyone can do about it anymore. Not like anyone wanted to do anything. You scared them, Ben.

A thief, a whore, and a liar

Very few people in this world genuinely want to be bad. You weren't one of them. The flashy, bright colourful lights beckoned you, and you couldn't resist. God, you couldn't be taken away from it. Like an insect to a light, hovered round and round it till you came to close, and ZAP! You're gone. All of it.

I run to you

I watched it all. I took it all in. But I didn't do anything, Ben. I wanted you to see for yourself what effect your actions had on you and the people around me. But you didn't.

Call out your name

So it's all my fault. I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything to stop you from abusing yourself, and the others, I didn't do shit.

I see you there, farther away

I didn't do anything to stop you from killing yourself.

I'm numb to you- numb and deaf and blind

If only you were here now. There's something around the house, an air of, well, nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's always silent, almost always dark in the living room. Are you there, Ben?

You give me all but the reason why
I reach but I feel only air at night.

Can spirits feel, Ben? If so, what do you feel?

Not you, not love, just nothing

Can you breathe in the air? Or are you just in limbo, just meaningless wisps of nothing floating around drowning in despair?
Do you even believe in spirits, Ben?

I run to you
Call out your name

Mum hates me now. She thinks I made you kill yourself. Says I wasn't a good enough sister. In a way, she's right.

I see you there, farther away

Because I didn't do anything.

Try to forget you

She threw a chair at me today.
Look what you've done, Ben. There's no more love.

But without you I feel nothing

I can just laugh at the irony of it all.
If you like it better this way, then so be it. If it was meant to be, what can we do? Nothing.

Don't leave me here, by myself

So enjoy yourself, Ben.

I can't breathe

For whatever reason you killed yourself, you were wrong.

I run to you

You're not evil.

Call out your name

No one hated you.

I see you there, farther away

And there was everything to live for.

Farther away


Farther away

Bye, Ben.

Farther away

We'll miss you.

Song: 'Farther Away' - Evanescence.

A/N: Just for the record, I went looking for the song to fit the story, not the story to fit the song. Heh.