The wind was blowing, blowing
And with it came the smell of roses,
The sound of laughter,
And the feeling of love.
Everyday, it would pass by the lonely girl
So very quickly
So she never smelled the roses
Or heard the laughter
Or felt the love it carried.
But one day, as she came out
The wind stopped
"O what is that smell?
Is it roses? Yes it is.
And its a lovely smell."
As she smelled the wind
"O, what is that sound?
Is it the sound of laughter?
"Yes... And true happiness."
As she listened to the wind.
"O, what is that feeling?
Is it...Love?
"Yes! It is! It feels so good.
I've never felt love before."
As she felt the wind.
She loved the wind, for she felt it loved her.
But... The wind soon went on its way
Blowing over the land
And with it was carried away
The smell of roses,
The sound of laughter,
And the feeling of love.
"No! Wind! Please don't go...
I love you! You made me happy...
You made me think you loved me too...
I hate you! You decieved me."
And the wind continued to blow.
"Wait! I don't mean it. I DO love you!
Please... Don't go..."
But then, she thought of a solution.
"This is the only way." She told herself
As she held the knife to her throat.
And there she died.
And her spirit lifted from her body
It was so light
And it had wings
So she drifted with the wind
Over the land
So she could forever
Smell the roses
Hear the laughter
And feel love.
"See wind!
Now you will never be alone again
And neither will I.
I love you so much
And I will stay with you forever."
And she did