Distant Fear

I feel so distant.

So dead.

But like

I've always

Been this way.

I feel a pain,

So deep

And yearning,

Though it's like,

I don't care

Woken up,

The damned storm,

Feeling so alone,

So weird.

Like I'm not

Even here.

Need shelter,

Though my

Feelings can

Still deceive


Need protection,

Though my

Hurt can

Still seethe


Nothing I

Can do,

But cry away,

So far away,

And hope

I never have

To see them again

I never knew,

How afraid

They made me

How they

Got me

This way.

I never knew,

Why I ever

Tensed up,

Inside when

They're around


Didn't understand,

How I could

Get this way,


Please tell me,


Why do I get

This way?

I don't know


What's real

Or not.

I just shy away,

Shy away,

Until I'm almost gone.

Please don't

Let the heated


Eat me whole

With anger

I'm frightened,

Though why,

Why didn't I

Notice it


Why didn't

I know?