By:Andrew Troy KeIler

After the time pod had
To the year,2991 and placed itself on the landing pad,
A pair of humanoid beings had opened the pod's door
And saw a special type of being that they saw many times before.
She was the most beautiful woman ever seen on the landing pad.

Her name was Rachel Langely
And she was as much a beauty
As all the other top prime
Females that they had brought to their time
Era--and their reason for doing so was quite easy.

After she had been placed with the best
Of care inside a special room,she had woken up from her little rest
And discovered that there were other
Women from different time eras,just like her.
Suddenly,a voice from a loudspeaker said,"Now is time for the harvest!"

And then,after the door
Had opened,Rachel was shocked by something she hadn't seen before.
It was a mechanical man with a hospital bed
Attached to it's stomach and some odd device on the top of it's head.
And after it has selected a female,it proceeds to the next phase of it's chore.

But before it was about to lay a hand on the hair
On a Victorian England girl,who had suddenly became scarred
At the very sight of the nightmarish droid,
Rachel had picked up a piece of metal and began to hit the droid
With it.But alas,the droid had performed it's task without care.

"Harvest time completed!"