A Note to My Dedicated Readers:

As of today, the 31st of October of2009, I am here to say that this story is no longer going to be written. But, fear not! Why? Well, I have actually found the true form of this story. Rather than continuing on with the mundane chapters I started back in 2003, I have turned this story into a short-story. Right now it's in the revision process – I promise I'll have it posted here on fictionpress as soon as I'm ready for everyone to read. But now, I'd like to take some time to thank the following reviewers:

Thank you sooo much for your wonderful critiques and dedication. This story was originally inspired by your pieces concerning April and Sylvie. Without your stories constantly giving me inspiration, this story never would have made it this far.

Your reviews made writing this piece worthwhile. I know the language started bothering you. And though I can't promise that the rewritten piece is clean of swear, it is definitely calmed down a bit. It's amazing what a few years of perfecting one's craft can do, right?

I have always looked forward to your reviews. Thank you for the constant encouragement and support. This has been a special piece of mine, it's amazing to finally be able to write what I've wanted for so long and accomplish the outcome I always imagined I'd have.

Your reflections on my writing style always prompted me to work my best and try to discover what talents I truly have at writing. Thank you for being my wonderful Muse!

Seremela Minyatur:
You. Are. Awesome. What else is there to say? Your reviews always made me WANT to write! And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to finally get around to making something of this piece. I'm a little saddened that I'll not have new chapters to look forward to hearing from you.

You were usually always the first person to make a review to every single chapter. Thank you for sticking with this story for so long. I hope you haven't lost complete interest :)

It's been years since I originally drafted the "Truth About Cutters" essay that sparked your interest. And, to this day, YEARS later, I STILL despise "Cut" by Patricia McCormick.