* hey, this was written shortly after me and my mom got into a huge fight.
She made the mistake and called me a bitch cuz I didn't believe that what
she was saying was right. Her and I seem to get into it a bit more often
-=sigh=- plz read. Respond if you so chose to. Thanx. * ~TI~ *

If You Knew

Yeah I'm a bitch
So what?
If you knew what I do
What I live through each day
You'd understand too
'Back in my day'
Yeah, things were different
But this is MY day
If you knew the hell
The hell I go through each day
Then you can say you know
This isn't the 70's
This is a new millennium, mom
I deal with shit daily
Things you just wouldn't understand
I admit I'm a bitch
But here, mom
You have to be if you want to live