And I'll scream .
hopeing to never be
guilt riding behind me
like a shadow that I will never get rid of
and you'll see. .
that the light behind me
is the darkness reflecting the hope..
And everyone will wonder one of these days .
about that guy .
who never thought to be anything else
just because he never believe in what everyone else believed .
and was immediately casted as an outcast .
and he lost what he knew
and he lost what he had
he was just another guy that would never be able to see through everything
losing everything around him till everything was lost to him
and now he shall never see anything that will help him through this life
he's pissed off at everything around him
and when the day has ended he knows that he is just a kid
that will never grow up .
he'll never grow up
and he'll scream.
and I'll scream
that all my guiltless.
days didn't end
when they should have been gone
so that way I could have been reminded as a soul.
black as the night
and once again I'll scream. that I'll never be able to live.beyond the