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His Leaving

The perfect depiction of hell. Twisted burning metal, the smell of smoke and rotting flesh. It was one place that one would never want to find themselves in. But as he opened his eyes and the sight of flames engulfed him, he smiled. The burning flesh was his own and his girlfriend's. Metal was what was left of his car, the one that he had purposely blown up. His girlfriend…the one that he had lured into the commitment…the one he lied to… she was heaped into a bundle on the hood of the car surrounded by flame and twisted metal. Slowly he lifted his aching head, still smiling, and let out a small laugh.

//I feel…I'm walking through this, my life, paralyzed\\

//But this sweet…frustration keeps me alive, it feels like\\

There was blood. Plenty of it. Lifting his index finger to his lip, he let his mind numb. Why he did this, he didn't know. All he knew is that he wanted out. Leaving his life behind, his family, friends…his lover. That was his plan. But he couldn't do it. Not when he realized that he had brought hell along with him. Not when his only escape was in burning metal and ash covered sky. Not when he was dying inside.

//I have died a thousand days…just to feel this quicksand\\
//And every movement is embraced…by this sweet frustration\\

It hurt to move. It hurt to think. No matter what he did, it hurt. The pain would never go away, and no matter what he did to rid his conscience of it, he would only be able to bring more. All that is left to do now is regret. Regret dragging his girlfriend into his personal problem, regret trying to cure himself. For all he knew, he was eternally damned to a private hell. A hell meant just for him, to punish him for reasons he knew not. But now, now is the time to leave. Now, after the wreck, after he had killed his only joy, he would leave.

//Pain…from throwing my insides out\\
//Only to decompose…right in front of my eyes, it seems like\\

Gazing up at the sky, his mind likened the ashy red scene to the perfect torture. Torture that would never cease. It would always exist, so long as he had his memories. He would never forget the way they laughed at him when he told them he was leaving. The way they tried to chain him down inside so he would never be able to rid himself of them. His girlfriend had laughed as well, but he didn't care. He would take her with him, he would show her his escape.

//I have died a thousand days…just to feel this quicksand\\
//And every movement is embraced…by this sweet frustration\\

Lifting himself up from the torn seat, he glanced around. There was no life but his. No breath of life, aside from his quick, rash gasps for the elixir called oxygen. The smoke was suffocating him. Just like his mind, just like what he had tried to escape, it was suffocating. One, one small step into the blackest of smoke. Another. Slowly he started to walk away. He started to leave.

//And someday…my sweet frustrations will bloom\\
//I won't die another day…no more sweet frustration\\