The Piper

I hear him a thousand miles away

Piping the songs of death they say

I ignored the calls but to my dismay

The Piper's calls would not belay

The dogs of way never cease to bay

Carrying the world into disarray

So much blood left on display

And such pain I cannot relay

Shall the Piper we continue to obey?

Piping a never-ending bloody matinee

Serving our world a war buffet

When—I ask—shall the currents sway?

Sometimes I wish I could slip away

Into the reveries of yesterday

Under my tree I'd love to lay

And never again take part in this melee

I saw him so plainly today

Beckoning to me in an odd sort of way

The very vision I'm certain an expose

That I'll shall pass soon—if not today

I heard him then so far away

He piped the songs of death they did say

I did not heed their warnings oyez

And so now the Piper I must pay