It was a cold spring night. The sun had just set and the stars were shimmering like diamonds in the black night sky. The air was cold but there was certain warmth to the feeling it gave you. Next to a luscious forest was a large mansion. In it lived a very rich family of demons. They were some of the most powerful ones in the area. The father was a well-known dog demon of great strength. His wife was a beautiful fox demon with long red hair. She was very beautiful indeed and well educated. They had two sons named Xaiver and Alexander. The boys were about 16 and 18 by human standards. Like all brothers they never got along. The elder brother, Alexander, was very distant and thought himself to be better than most others. He tended to rude and enjoyed being alone or with people of his status. The younger brother, Xaiver, was also rude and very arrogant like most demons were. He was often picked on so he didn't like being around anyone but the very few friends he had. He lived the most normal life a rich and powerful prince could live. Yet something was missing in his life. And tonight he would find that something.

"Son you have hardly touched your food are you all right?" Queen Alexandra asked feeling very worried about her youngest son.

"I'm fine mother. I'm just not hungry. May I be excused?" Xaiver asked not seeming interested in staying around his family for another minute. There was a great amount of boredom in his voice though it was still a bit rough and showed that he often got into verbal fights with his elder brother.

His father looked up from his dinner and gazed at his son. The past few weeks Xaiver had been acting the same way and he was intent on finding out why. His gaze reached his son's eyes then it all became clear. "You are excused son," he said after finally finding out what was troubling his son.

"May I also be excused mother? I have other things to do before I retire to bed," His voice was different than the rest of his family. Actually he was different in general. The only thing he had in common was his father's strength and his mother's dark red hair.

The queen sighed and looked at her sons. She wished she could go back to the days when they were young and loved spending all their time with her. But now they were nearly grown up and weren't her little babies anymore. She nodded her head giving them her permission to leave the table.

Xaiver got up at the same time as Alexander and they both bowed to their parents and kissed their mother on her cheek as they did every night since they were little. Xaiver was the first one to leave the room but he wasn't quite sure where he was going to go. He grabbed a blue denim jacket then walked outside and past the main gates. He was down right bored of his life but what else was there to do. He walked down to where he had his B M W parked and he got in and drove down the road.

After about an hour of driving and listening to rap music it started to rain. He sighed the decided it was time to turn around and go home. He turned the small silver car around and started on the way back. The rain began to pick up and it was getting harder to see. Suddenly he saw something laying in the rode and he hit on the brakes. He flung back in his seat and waited to see if it would move. Nothing happened so he got out and looked to see what it was. The thing was wrapped in dirty tattered cloth with many holes. He bent down and pushed it then realized it was a girl. He gasped the debated on what to do. He wanted to just leave her there in the streets but something inside him told him that he should take her home and at least see if she's ok. He lifted her bridal style then opened the passenger side of his car and laid her down. He closed the door then got in himself and drove her back to his mansion

He parked the car inside the garage made just for his cars then he took her out and carried her inside. Of course the first one to greet him was his brother.

"I'm surprised little brother I thought I'd never see the day when you would pick a girl up off the streets and try to get into her pants," he said mockingly but still uninterested. He had a funny way of sounding bored with everything even if he wasn't.

"That's not what I did you pervert!" He wanted to hit his brother but he would drop the girl if he did. He gave a death glare to his brother then walked up the spiral staircase up to the floor just for him. He went into the guest bedroom and looked down at the girl.

"I can't put her in bed if she's all wet like this. What the hell am I going to do?" He knew she would need a bath but all the servants were off today and wouldn't be back till tomorrow. He sighed then walked into the connected bathroom then laid her in the tub with her clothes still on. He looked in the mirror and saw that when he got her he also got dirty and needed to wash up.

"She's gonna hate me for this when she wakes up." He sighed again then started to remove her clothes.

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