It's tea time on this dismal day

Another hour to dream away

Come sit beside me at the table

To comprehend this, you'll be able

Pour the black, fluid dreams in

Drown inside, don't try to win

Add the creamer, stir the spoon

Aroma starts to make you swoon

Fall into my outstretched hands

Give into my dark demands

Please the demons that lurk inside

Don't try to run, you cannot hide

Sugar sweetens the taste of me

Add some more, you'll soon see

That if you drink my sweetened death

It really starts to warm your breath

It's a rampage caused by lust

Do this to me, you know you must

Please your thoughts, live out your dreams

I'm your doll, or so it seems

Kiss me, Rape me, Kill me now

Just before I die, you'll see how

I wont ever fall to my knees

The sky clears, I feel a breeze

I take you by the hand, this hour is done

Before you leave, I'll have won

Another victim to my rhyme

Another day, and more tea time