Rhymings of a Teenage Monster
~Installment Two~

~I may think we're crazy, but not all of us agree… After all which one of us has control of all of me?~


AN: This piece was a simple little thing I spat out months ago.

To Walk Alone

~If we ran the test of time, would you stay by my side,
And help me through all our lives? Or, rather, would you pass me by?

Would you climb the jagged mountains, and linger in the valleys,
All with me in your hand? Or would you stray from my touch?

Some steps that were meant to be small, you leapt like overcoming a ravine.
And in your throwing of your feet, you found that you had passed me by…

I flee alone in this Race of Life, running to merely see your shadow,
But you've gone fast and left me here… on this dangerous road.

I will keep pursuing you, until this one-way Path defeats me itself,
I imagine you here in my hand, guarding me from the thorns that grow.

My mind might be bitter for being alone, my feet are cut from the walk,
My face is torn from the wind, but my heart remains alight: I'll catch you.

That was long ago it seemed; when your silhouette molded with the fog.
And I'm still walking, and sometimes I ponder; Are you gone?

Where to now, oh one I lost? You who are so far ahead…
Will you wait for me there and long to hear my footfalls?

It might take years to find you again, but I'll stride carefully,
Even if you lay frozen in this race we run, I promise to not pass you by.~


A/N: I was testing shaping my poetry. This sucks.


Time, she's so tricky, never sleeping
She goes on, always creeping.
Trickling her way down
Slowly seeping.
Unlike life.
The people all.
To what kills them.
At what fades their call..
At what makes the world fall.
That it is her, Time, who murders all.


A/N: Another desperate piece when I was worried for one of my friends. I'm too dramatic.

Too Little, Too Late

I'm sorry I couldn't save you,
I'm sorry you cannot survive,
I don't know what goes on inside you,
And even if you're alive.

Your decay was slow and deadly,
And hardly anyone could see,
But I noticed the rotting stench,
And tried to ignore the prophesy.

You were dying from the inside,
And it crept into your eyes,
When I finally saw the extent…
Your stars had doomed the skies.

You were alone, you were afraid,
There was no Savior in your life.
Your sorrow bound you to the ground;
When you longed to flee from your strife.

I saw you run so fast and far,
And at the edge… I saw your fall,
You're grace was shattered like the glass,
That was struck upon the wall.

When my hand reached out to catch you,
I snagged only air.
I cried your name to all the earth,
But you had never been there.

My God! I'm sorry I couldn't save you!
I'm sorry you wouldn't survive!
There was nothing left inside you;
There was nothing left to revive!


A/N: Another piece I wrote for just the first two lines. I like this one. What's with me torturing birds?

Heart Breaker

It's something evil, something bitter,
Crush bird's wings and watch her twitter.
Pluck the feathers, shear the plume,
Watch them float about the room.
Fleck the blood upon white walls,
Cherish the fearful, pained calls.
The panting mouth, the heaving chest,
The beating stills within her breast.
Oh, laugh now sweet, but remember all along
That this bird once had sang a song…
A song to please you, a song of care,
That sought to seduce one so fair.
Yet, you cut the notes, stopped the heart,
That beat for you from the very start…
And now it's gone, this pure glass dove,
You've killed the bird
that was my love.


A/N: Personal piece I wrote when confused over a relationship with a friend. I really like using the punctuated style.

End It

Why do you have to love me?
What good am I for you?
You're asking for something I can't give.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
Like being torn apart…
I know that I'm hurting you.
It's killing me.
You're so blind to the truth,
To what I say and do…
Why do you love me,
When I hurt you?
I can't, I can't.
They won't let me.
I won't let me.
Just leave.
Find someone new.
She'll love you better.
You can't love me.
Please don't.
I don't want to harm you…
But if that will get you away,
If that will save you…
I will.
I can't love you,
But I can hate you.
Hate you for loving me, for hurting yourself.
Hate me too.
Come now and sting me with your words.
Draw my blood.
Because I'll draw yours.
But I beg you….
Just love me no more.


A/N: I was feeling used by a few people, thus this work.


I used to give out my love as if it were expected.
My respect I gave as well.
With what you've done you might as well told me:
Go straight to Hell!
You abuse this affection,
You expect this praise.
Now this love has turned to hate.
You've thrown oil on the blaze.
You thought I'd be constant in my compassion,
when you gouge out my heart?
I'm sorry my dear but your time has come,
I think now we must part.
Go ahead and cry from me,
I don't suffer through abuse.
You're making me sick with your stupid lies,
As if being a 'teen' is an excuse!
You don't think about anyone
Who isn't yourself or you.
I don't want you hear you start crying;
'But that's just not true!'
I hope that these words hurt,
I hope your soul bleeds!
I hope your being torn apart.
Forget the wants, find the needs.
Figure out this anger,
Find out who you stabbed through,
Until you're enlighten, there's one thing to say;
Fuck you.


A/N: I remember I was trying to sleep and was thinking about a story line when this one jumped up and poked me in the eye. Damnit, it was like 11:30 at night! At least it turned out okay.


I'm writing to you friend,
You've got to come fast,
There's a light here now,
But its not gunna last.

Please come and save me,
It's all fading to black,
I'm scared of my steps,
But I just can't turn back.

Some darkness is creeping,
Up into these eyes,
I've been blinking it back,
I've been biting off cries.

It's cold when I sleep,
And burns when I breathe,
But it's been like that
Since the day of your leave.

My heart's still and stubborn,
My mind refuses to see,
There's no other way out…
Come rescue me.


A/N: I loved doing this! Restraint poerty is fun to do, and I love working with syllables. As you can tell, like before… 180 counts.

I Am

I'm a Leper.
I'm a Leper.
A sore on society.
You're the virus.
You're the virus.
Spinnin round inside of me.
Filled with poison.
Something sickening.
Hatred such a guarantee.
Throwing ya up.
Spitting ya out.
Something like being set free.

I'm a Tiger.
I'm a Tiger.
Gunna rip you right in two.
You're a Hunter.
You're a Hunter.
Coming now to run me through.
Stalking you quiet.
While you chase me.
The wild beast you must subdue.
Tasting your throat.
Caging me in.
Lock me away in your zoo.

I'm a Demon.
I'm a Demon.
Devil that you've never seen.
You're an Angel.
You're an Angel.
With a soul so white and clean.
Casting you down.
Into my fire.
Your burning wings so obscene.
The fallen one.
A Devil's pet.
Turned to nightmare from a dream.


A/N: Random rhyme of a bird. Or… The Bird. Whatever.

Precious little green bird, on her perch of gold,
They shower her with praise, but her soul cannot be sold.
They broke her wings, this green bird's, to keep her at bay,
Now they claim to love her; they wish her to always stay.
But she never knows their compassion, and they never know her plight…
This pretty little green bird… robbed from her flight.


A/N: Had rhythm on the brain, so this was needed. I had a song stuck in my head that didn't exist… so, that just made me want to create it more. Here she is… I rather love this one.

Ms. Misfit

You're some girl, into cheap thrills, you light a fire to feel the burn.
What do you know of what's in store? What's gunna happen then in turn?
Blind and naked on the road of life: little Ms. Misfit.
Run and cry. I'll call you back. My little Ms. Misfit.

Get drunk and pass out on the floor, have some stranger take you home.
Hit the X, suck the dust, put on the red light; the streets a place to roam.
Blind and naked on the road of life: little Ms. Misfit.
Run and cry. I'll call you back. My little Ms. Misfit.

Get caught up living the high life, until the gutter drags you down.
You'll love even when beaten and bloody, but he'll always let you drown.
Blind and naked on the road of life: little Ms. Misfit.
Run and cry. I'll call you back. My little Ms. Misfit.

Take the hits and then the blame, but think… was it your fault after all?
But you'll shut up… cause you love him, then watch your pretty tears fall.
Oh you messed up, little Ms. Misfit.
Where'd you go too, little Ms. Misfit?
Did you fill your cup, little Ms. Misfit?
What happened to you, my little Ms. Misfit?
He'll hold you down, he'll cut you up… not so fun anymore my dear?
Go on and run, far, far away… love isn't something your meant to fear.
Blind and naked on the road of life: little Ms. Misfit.
Come on then, open my door, I've missed you Ms. Misfit.

Tell me you're done with your discovering, just tell me your through.
You scared me Ms. Misfit, abandoning me and the love I have for you.
Now dust yourself off and smile Ms. Misfit.
You know, I know that I've missed it…
Ms. Misfit.

~ GB


A/N: In closing… I leave you with my favorite 1 stanza piece. Morbid as it is… I laugh every time.

Upon the bloodied ground lays the crying foal,
His weak little whimpers pull strongly at the soul,
But the demons care not for this pitiful sound,
Just as long as there is enough meat to go around.


Farewell then. ~Green Bird