Set Me Free

I want to smile
And laugh, and be light-hearted

I want to have my life,
To be me

And then there was you
You came into my life
And loved me like it was the last thing you would do
And there WAS no other in this world
And I loved you back

But I was too wild to be contained
Too wild to be held in a box
Just like where you wanted me to be

You kept me from experiencing
I just wanted to do what I want
And you wouldn't let me

So, I disobeyed
I deceived you, but I was already deceitful

I tried to change, but
You can't change someone who isn't motivated to

I wanted to be free
And since I lied
I've been stuck here, rotting away

I feel so alone now

I want to be loved
I am still loved
But I have to gain your trust again
That's what you need from me
For me to be happy

But how can I be happy
If you won't let me be free?

Yet through all of this madness

I still love you