I will be sunlight

On the still waters

Of your soul

A river, swift and deep

Bringing life

In your desert

In me the estuary

Where the waters

Of love and mercy


An endless


Of tenderness

The brillant star

Shining to show

You the way

And the road

Laid out

Before your feet

The shadow



I will be a rose

Growing beautiful

In your rich soil

The first flower

Of your spring

A vine twined


About your branches

The mighty voice

Of thunder

Raised to defend you

Safe harbor

For your ship

A strong bulwark

To protect you

From all harm

A rock weathering

All time and tribulation


I will be the all

The rage of a tempest

Coming to your aid

A hidden angel

Watching over

Your life

In your arms

I will be a frightened child

Finding comfort there

A weary traveler


In your shade

I will be a bird


Searching for you

My home

I will be the moon

Reflecting the light

Of your sun

A polished surface

Of silver

Mirroring your luster

Pages to write

Your story on

I will be a secret

For you to keep

A melody singing

Always in

Your heart

The wind whispering

Lovingly in your ear

The home that

Ever beckons to you

To stay for always

I will be the first second of your eternity

All I am

Promised always

Poured out for you

Into you

All my strength

My hope

My spirit

For you

Into you


Forever and always

You will have

All I am

Author's Note: Please, tell me what you think. This poem has been sitting on my chest for half a year:) Please, do say what you think of it.