This Chance May Be Your Last

They stood in the pouring rain, drenched to the skin. They traded remarks, screaming over the constant claps of thunder.

"You never really did care about me Jacob! It was all put on!"

"I did care! You're the one who freaks every time I look at another girl Cassie!"

"From what April told me, you're doing more than look when I'm not around!"

"So now you're spying on me! What about those 'study nights' with Jake!"

"That was a tutoring session!"

"I think you tutoring in more than History!"

"Fine! I'm leaving! Forget you!"

"If I never talk to you again, it'll be too soon!"

30 Minutes Later


"All right, I'm coming! Hello?"

"Jacob? Its Cassie's mom. You'd better get to the hospital quick. Cassie's been in an accident."

The phone clattered to the floor. Jacob grabbed his keys and jumped in his car. He flipped on his hazard lights and drove as fast as he dared to the hospital.

He swerved into a parking spot and raced into the emergency room. There was Cassie's mom, crying.

"What happened?!"

"Cassie was hydroplaning on the interstate. A transfer truck lost control and hit her. Her car flipped. They don't know if she's going to make it."

The two embraced. A few seconds later, a doctor walked out of two doors.

"I'm sorry Ms. Andrews, we did what we could. Cassie didn't make it."

A strangled sob escaped her throat as she sank to the floor.

All Jacob could think was "How can she be gone? I didn't even get to say good-bye. Only that I didn't want to talk to her again...."

A wave of realization hit him. He wasn't going to get to take that back this time, like he did every other fight. It was almost to much to bear...


When say something, remember you may not get to take back what you say. This chance may be your last.