in the case of kyoko tenri

As I walked to the window of my room, I had one thing on my mind: They were dead. Everyone was dead.

I opened up the curtains, and slid open the window, letting the cool night breeze rush into the room, slowly drying off the tears running down my cheeks. Tongyu was a cousin of mine. He had been the first to die, almost two weeks ago by now. We weren't that close, so it hadn't bothered me that much then. But after he died, one by one the other members of my family fell. I was the only one left now.

He was one of several deaths that had occurred this past month all around Tokyo. Apparently, there was a sniper going about, randomly killing victims. He was the only victim of the sniper though; everyone else in the family had simply died in their sleep. Except for me.

It wasn't just us though. People all around Tokyo were dying in their sleep. People who were related to the sniper's victims. The police had named it "Lucifer's Draught of Death", probably because of the way the murdered victims were found.

Anyone who had died by means of the sniper had been found with blood pouring from their back. The thing was that the thick puddles of blood always took on the form of a cross. A messy crimson cross of liquid, right under the lifeless corpse. It sickened me whenever I saw it on the news.

It was common now though. Someone was killed every night, and even more died in their sleep, which wasn't helping the situation. The Earth's population had already greatly decreased in the past years. Death was so common now, that the news stations were considering not reporting the sniper's latest attacks. Everyone already knew it would happen. People were even afraid of leaving their houses.

My father had died last night. He had been all I had left. Now I had nothing.

I looked up into the sky. It was a full moon tonight. There was a bright glow about one of the stars… it was brighter then all the rest… my mother had loved watching the stars… she had died last week.

Things were going too fast. Everyone was dying. Dying… I couldn't understand why death had to exist… I just wanted it gone. I just wanted my family.

As I thought this, my tears slid faster. I couldn't handle it anymore, but I knew it would all be over soon. I was the only was left. I would be the last one in my family to be killed by the Draught of Death. After tonight, I would be able to join my family again… Taking this as comfort my tears slowed down.

I closed the window, and walked back to bed. I had to be asleep if I wanted to die, and I did. I wanted to die. The world would die soon too, then we could all be together.

But I was afraid.

There were still people in this world that I needed. My friends, my boyfriend… I needed them to be happy too, but for that, I would have to take them with me. None of their families had been effected by Lucifer's Draught though… I turned to the window, and stared at the moon, hoping that tonight one of their own would die. I hoped that all of them would die.

I lay down, ignoring to take off my shoes, and disgusted at how selfish I was being. I couldn't ask for them to die just for me, especially not by the Draught… there would be too much pain, and all because of me. I knew that they didn't want to die, and secretly, I knew I didn't really want to die either.

I was tired. It had been a long day, and my eyelids were weakening… weakening…

As I thought of my parents, and of everyone else who had died, I slowly began to drift into sleep.

Then the doorbell rang, and I sat bolt up, completely awake. I wondered who could be at the door at this hour, ignoring the fact that they had probably just saved my life.

I stood up, and walked down stairs to open the front door. A with straight black hair was standing there, a serious look on her face. She was wearing some kind of uniform I had never seen before.

"Tenri Kyoko?" she asked in a voice as serious as the expression on her face.

"Uhhh… yes?" I asked, still surprised.

"May I come in?" I nodded, and opened the door wider. She walked in, and looked around the house.

"Turn on all the lights, and make some coffee. I don't want you falling asleep, understood?" she commanded, flicking on the light switch for the living room, then sat down in one of the sofas.

"Who are you?" I asked, as I walked into kitchen to make the coffee she had asked for, remembering to turn on the light.

"My name is Yuki Minaso. I'm here on behalf of the secret organization DELGN." she shouted into the kitchen.

"DELGN?" I shouted back, "What's it stand for? I've never heard of it."

"It's the initials that make up the five books of the Old Testament: Deuteronomy, Exodus, Leviticus, Genesis, and Numbers."

"Oh… that's interesting." I walked back into the living room and set to cups of coffee on the coffee table.

"Drink yours while I talk." Yuki demanded. I nodded again, and took a sip of coffee. She didn't seem like someone you should mess with.

"Kyoko Tenri, you are the last of the Tenris, are you not?" I nodded again. "And so tonight Lucifer's Draught of Death will fall upon you, correct? This is why I want you drinking coffee. I don't want you falling asleep, or else the Draught will get to you, and you will most likely die. I'm here to offer you the chance to save your life and escape the Draught." I almost dropped the cup. It all seemed unreal.

"How?" I asked, taking in more coffee.

"You have been selected to be apart of Project Genesis."

"What's that?"

"Project Genesis is generally a group of special children who are able to fuse with the spirits of dead angels that have been collected over the past few months."

"What do you mean 'fuse'?"

"Well, basically, you will gain the ability to see angels from heaven, as well as several own unique abilities, depending on the spirit you fuse with."

"Why me?" I was afraid. It all sounded dangerous. Complicated. I preferred simple things… I didn't want this.

"You are the last of your family, and so all the magic in Lucifer's Draught of Death lies dormant within you, and that magic is that of an angel."

"Wait… is that supposed to mean that… that… angels put Lucifer's Draught on people?"

"Yes, it does mean that. It also means that angels are the ones killing people." My eyes widened in horror, and my breath became slow.

"You mean ANGELS have been committing murder? But… wouldn't it be demons? You know? The rebel angels that were thrown out of heaven and turned into demons."

"No, these are not angels from hell. These are the angels of heaven, sent down here to carry out God's wishes."

"… GOD wants humanity dead?"

"God wants the Earth purified. At least that's what DELGN believes."

"You mean like what happened with Noah's Ark?"

"Exactly like that, only this time there is no Noah, or his wife. No one will survive."

"But it seems so cruel…" By now I had completely forgotten about my parents, about my family, about wanting to die. It was so hard to believe what Yuki was saying.

"Humans have sinned a great deal. Just look at the state the Earth is in… God may be right to want us all dead, but whatever the case, DELGN wants to stop it using Project Genesis."

"But if we deserve it, why does DELGN want to prevent it?"

"DELGN believes that saving humanity from it's brink will show it just how horrible it is, and this in turn, with some influence, should make humans change their ways."

"What if Project Genesis fails?"

"There can be only two results from Project Genesis, Kyoko: It will either mean the salvation of humanity, or the end of an evil human race. We must act quickly though if we want to prevent the second turn out from happening. So do you accept my offer?"

"Your offer for what?" I set down the empty coffee cup on the table, all my attention on Yuki's every word.

"To join DELGN and become apart of Project Genesis. We believe you will be a valuable aspect in the battle against the angels."

"Will this mean having to fight them?"

"Fight who?"

"The angels from heaven…"

"That's the only thing it means. Preventing the murder of innocents, and the spreading of the Lucifer Draught."

"And by becoming one of these… er… what are they called?"

"Those who accept to fuse with the Angel Spirits have been named The Children of Eden."

"Right… So, by becoming one of The Children of Eden, I wont be effected by the Draught of Death?"

"Not at all, but, the Draught will only be put into hibernation once you fuse. After that, it will slowly become immune to the spirit, and ultimately cause your death." My stomach dropped. I had gotten my hopes up too high.

"So... So there's really no way of saving me? The Draught will eventually kill me?"

"Not necessarily. If we manage to kill the angel who placed the Draught on your family, then you shall be saved. Once that does happen though, you will no longer be one of the Children of Eden."

"How come?"

"Well, as I said earlier, the Draught is what should allow you to fuse with one of the Angel Spirits. With that gone, its most likely that you wont be able to fuse anymore, and so you will be dismissed of your duties."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that. But its for your own good. This way, you can get back to your own life and live in peace."

"I see…" I made up my mind right then. "Ms. Minaso?"

"Yes?" I took in a deep breath.

"I accept." Yuki smiled for the first time that evening.

"Let's get going then. We'll come back for your things later." she stood up and walked out the door.

With one last look around the living room, I walked out too, closing the door behind me. Closing the door to my past.

This was the biggest decision of my life, one that would secure my future, but change my destiny.