The Children of Eden

I woke up, my sight blurred by the glow of florescent lighting overhead. I could make out the thinned shadows of faces bending over me, somebody shouting my name…

"Kyoko! Kyoko…!" It seemed to be getting more distant as I started falling back to sleep, but then suddenly someone grabbed me and began shaking me. With a soft gasp, I opened my eyes again and found myself sitting up on what felt like a cold, metallic operating table.

I looked around… I felt like I really was in an operating room. Hatsumei was on my right, Yuki on my left. Behind her, I could see the girl with the long green hair still asleep on another metal table. She had some kind of respiratory device attached to her mouth, and there were a lot more machines surrounding her then there were me. A few wires were attached to certain places in her arms, and her hair seemed mangled in dirt and dust. Her clothes hadn't been removed, and they looked to me slightly blood-stained.

"Kyoko, how are you feeling?" Hatsumei asked gently, putting one hand on my shoulder. I looked down at my legs.

"I'm alright…" I was feeling slightly uncomfortable with Hatsumei. She didn't seem to be as nice as she had appeared to be at first. I turned to Yuki, and asked, "What happened?"

"Well, I get the Solar Transport was too intense for you, and it very well was. The other Children got a chance to practice synchronization before they went on their first transport… You didn't. It's hard enough concentrating on letting your self become apart of the sunlight, but making yourself dissolve when you have an extra Spirit merged with you… It's not exactly a piece of cake." I stared at Yuki's expression. It looked almost like she felt guilty about the transport. It wasn't her fault though, and I felt sorry about that… Hatsumei was the one that had given the order.

"But, you said I had the highest synch ratio. Shouldn't that've made it easier?" Yuki shook her head, and Hatsumei answered for her.

"Yes, it did make it easier, but it doesn't change the fact that it was the first time. Your body just wasn't accustomed to straining itself this way, but with practice, you'll be able to do it without passing out." she chuckled at this, and Yuki giggled slightly.

"You mean, practice synchronization?" I asked, ignoring their laughs. Hatsumei stopped and nodded.

"Though yours may be the highest yet, we still need you to practice. Now that you're all better now though, I think it's time you met-" she was cut off as a beeping sound went off. It sounded like an alarm.

I looked behind Yuki, and saw that what was making all the noise was the girl's heart monitor. Yuki and Hatsumei rushed over, and started doing all sorts of this. Hatsumei checked the girl's pulse, while Yuki checked out the machines.

"Doctor, her heart's gone unstable again. Insufficient blood pumping from the heart… Blood transfusion necessary…!" Yuki reported, and she looked at Hatsumei for an answer, concern in her eyes.

"What's the status on her soul?" Hatsumei ordered. I sat on the edge of my table and watched.

"Wavelengths shortening. Composition breaking down… Sense of awareness is down… Mental capabilities simplifying… Status critical!!"

"We can't get the blood transfusion fast enough… We'll have to go with the Equality Reaction."

"But… there may be side effects with the synchronization afterwards!"

"They're worth it if we can save her life. Put out the order to bring ES-01 to the medical deck A.S.A.P." Yuki nodded, and went over to a computer inside the right wall. On screen, Satsumi's face appeared, and behind her, I could see Sector C.

"Satsumi, we need ES-01 down to the medical deck on the double! Eden's First is in critical stasis, we're carrying out Emergency Plan Five-Two-Six."

"Understood. Deploying ES-01 to medical deck… now. Arrival time in fifteen seconds."

"Thanks." The screen flashed off, and Yuki rushed over to a pipe beside the computer. A bit later, a small container with a blue light resembling fire came through the pipe. Yuki grabbed it, and ran over to the operating table the girl was on.

Hatsumei had on some weird looking silver gloves as Yuki handed her the container. She popped it open, and let the Spirit float out. As she let it float between her hands, the gloves gave off sparks. She ignored this, and lowered the light into the girl's chest. Yuki seemed to be holding her breath.

A blue glow surrounded the girl's outline. Yuki trembled slightly, holding her hand to her mouth.

"Commander, are you sure we should be doing this here? Maybe we should have gotten Umi to Moses…"

"There was no time, Yuki. Just watch the monitors…" Yuki nodded and walked over to the machines around them. Wings spread out from beneath the girl, and one of them almost knocked over Hatsumei, but she dodged it carefully.

"It's working!" Yuki shouted happily. "Wavelength patterns- normal. Composition- stabilizing. Mentality- re-engaging. All vital signs normal… She'll be ok. When can we let go of the synchronization?"

"I'd say about two hours should be enough for her blood to replenish itself. We can't let her wake up though… Switch the respiratory system to the anesthetics." Yuki nodded again, and fiddled with a machine. Then the two of them turned to me with grim smiles.

"This is Eden's First, Umi Mizukawa," Hatsumei began to explain, "She's the one compatible with ES-01, obviously. Zero-One has the ability to produce and control water from the body."

"Oh…" I said quietly. I was feeling bad for Umi. I didn't like DELGN anymore… I blamed it for putting her like this. Hatsumei seemed to catch on to how I felt bad.

"Yeah, it's a shame," she said, "the Recovery Team wasn't able to get to her fast enough thanks to that Angel… Thanks to you though, they were able to get to her in time." I felt myself smile. I was proud, up until I remembered something else.

"What about that boy? The one with the orange hair?" I asked gently.

"Orange hair…? Oh! Yakedo! He's alright now. He wasn't injured as badly as Umi here…" She looked at Yuki, who smiled softly.

"Yakedo is Eden's Third. He fuses with ES-03, which has the capability of fire. You'll meet him in person right now. Before this little emergency, we were about to take you to meet the others… But I think someone should stay here with Umi."

"I'll do it. You two go ahead- handling the Children affairs with The Children is your job anyway, Yuki." Hatsumei pulled up a chair and sat beside Umi. Yuki turned to me with a wider smile, and nodded at the sliding metal doors. I slipped off the table, and she led me over to them, as we continued our way through the building…

Yuki and I came to a pair of sliding metal doors labeled "EDEN OF THE ANGELS- BARRACKS" in large gold letters. As we stood in front of them, they slid open to reveal a large, long, high-ceilinged, carpeted room.

On either side of the doors were wooden staircases, that led up to a sort of balcony that had two wooden doors on it. Below the balcony were three more doors against the creamy yellow walls. In the center of the room, there was a wooden table shaped like a sort of blob with stools all around it, and a single bowl of fruit in the center.

At the very back, were large wooden cabinets containing all sorts of plates and silverware in both corners. Between the two was a silver machine. Beside either cabinet were two more doors, with those big blue signs used for bathrooms.

"This is where you'll be staying," Yuki explained, "You're room is upstairs, but before we see it, how about you meet the others?"

I nodded, and whispered in a coarse voice, "Alright." Yuki smiled, and pushed a red button on the wall on the right. She saw my confused look.

"This button is like a doorbell that rings in every room. When ever it goes off, it means that you have to come out of your room immediately for a meeting. There are intercoms in every room that I use to communicate with you to give you orders when an Angel appears. You'll get used to it after awhile."

I nodded again, and one by one, the doors began to open, and kids around my age walked out. A few of them from the upper level came downstairs and joined those form the lower level at the blob-shaped table.

Yuki and I walked over to it, and the children stared at us. At the very back of the table, I saw Raiu, reading a book as if I wasn't there. I could have hit him then.

Yuki gave them all a smile. She ignored Raiu, and continued.

"Kids, I'd like you to meet Eden's Sixth, Kyoko Tenri. She will be controlling ES-06 until Lucifer's Draught of Death can be removed from her soul." She turned to me with a wide smile, then back at the kids. She pointed at a girl with silver hair put up in two buns on both sides of her hair, and a ponytail at the back. She leaned back, and stared at me unenthusiastically.

"This," Yuki began, "Is Aori Temaki, Eden's Original. She controls ES-00, which has the power to control the wind." She put an arm around me and pointed to a boy beside Aori with curly blondish-brown hair. He was smiling at me. "That's Tou Roji, Eden's Second. ES-02 is under his control, and it has the ability of the element Earth." Tou stood up, and put out his hand. I took it, and gave it a soft shake.

"Hi," he greeted, "Nice to meet you." I gave him the best smile I could as he sat back down.

Yuki nodded at Yakedo, with his messy orange hair. He was grinning devilishly as he looked at me, his legs propped up on an empty stool. "As you already know, that's Yakedo Nikutai, Eden's Third."

Behind Yakedo was the girl with her pink hair in large pigtails. She had a soft, friendly smile. Now, she was wearing black jeans, and a sort of black-yarn sweater. "That's Ichiko Utori, Eden's Fifth. ES-05 is her Spirit, and it has the power of psychics."

Then came Raiu. I felt myself blush less as now I was slightly angry with him. He still hadn't looked at me.

"Last but not least, Raiu Tokkan, Eden's Fourth. With ES-04, he has the power of electricity, as you so clearly saw in battle." She laughed lightly, but I didn't. "So now that you know everybody, I'm sure you'll fit right in."

"I guess…" I answered.

"Alright then, I'll be on my way. Later, kids. Kyoko, Ichiko will show you to your room. Hope it's to your liking."

"Wait- before you go, could I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, everyone else seems to have something specific they can do with their Eden Spirit, and I was just wondering what I could do?" Yuki bit her lip.

"Well, you see, Kyoko, you did a lot of things in battle that don't seem to show anything in specific. We're not really sure what your power is, even with the analysis, so for now, Hatsumei has labeled ES-06 as 'Berserker'. Is there anything else?"

"Yeah, what happened to that silver orb I brought back?"

"It's still in Sector A under research. We should have an answer in a few days about what it is. For now though, don't worry about it, just relax."


"Well then, if that's all, I'll be on my way. Bye, everyone." She turned with a wave, and walked out through the doors. As soon as she did though, Raiu closed his book, stood up, walked up the stair case on the right side of the room, and went into the first door. Aori did the same, only she went to the room beneath the staircase on the left. Now only Tou, Ichiko, and Yakedo were sitting down. Ichiko stood up and walked over to me.

"Hi, how are you?" she asked somewhat cheerily. I smiled.

"Fine. A little shook up, but alright I guess…"

"Those were some AWESOME skills you showed out there." Yakedo said, still sitting in a lazy position on the two stools.

"Yeah, Yakedo keeps talking about how well you fought. Wish I could've seen it." Tou chimed in. I turned to him, and thought about his question as I remembered something I had heard from one of the scientists in Sector C…

"Wait a minute… Spirit-02?"

"Yeah, that one's mine, what about it?" His voice sounded caring, sweet… innocent.

"We'ren't you and uhh… Aori, right?… Like on a mission or something?"

"Yeah, we were. The Angels are onto DELGN, and Hatsumei didn't want any interference with the delivery of ES-08, so she sent me and Aori to serve as guards for the recovery operation… Back-up."

"Oh, I see… Has someone been found to use it?"

"God, you ask a whole lot of questions…" Yakedo murmured as he put his hands behind his head. I frowned at him.

"Shut up, baka. Show some decency!" Ichiko warned him. He snickered.

"Make me."

"I WILL." Ichiko walked over to Yakedo and shoved him out of his seat, sending him crashing to the floor.

"OW! GOD, no need to be so rude… Why don't you just go back to sucking your blood? Hiiiissss…" He stood up and rubbed his back as Ichiko stepped away. "Ow, damnit…" He groaned as Yakedo kept on rubbing his back and sat back down. Ichiko's eyes were wide with fear.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry- I wasn't thinking! I'm so sorry! I didn't know what I was doing!" I was taken back by her sudden change in attitude while Yakedo gritted his teeth in pain.

"It's alright…" he managed to say.

"… What's going on?" I asked. Tou turned to me forbiddingly.

"On it's way to DELGN, ES-03 broke free and set fire to a forest down in Brazil. Yakedo had to be sent in to synchronize with the Spirit in order to control it." He looked back at Yakedo. "Unfortunately, he ended up burning his back pretty badly… Partly because of the Spirit, partly because of the synch. He's the only one of us who had to do it outside of Moses on his first try."

"Oh… I'm sorry." Yakedo laughed.

"No problem, it's not your fault, little girl… hehehe…" Ichiko rolled her eyes.

"Ignore him. Come on, let's go see your room. We'll see you guys later." We started walking toward the staircase on the left wall. Before we started to climb though, Ichiko stopped and took a look at her watch. She turned back around to face the two boys.

"Yakedo! Isn't it about time for you to take your pill?" Yakedo laughed again. Tou looked at his watch.

"Yeah, it is. Here, I'll help you…" Tou stood up, and put one of Yakedo's arms around his neck. Painfully, Yakedo walked with Tou's help to the door beneath the staircase on the right. I took it that the right side were all the boys' rooms.

"Come on, let's go." Ichiko said. I nodded, and started climbing the stairs.

"Hey, what's this about a pill?" I asked.

"Oh, that's just what I call Yakedo's Ritalin. We has to take one every two hours, or else… yeah." We reached the top, and Ichiko took the lead, and took me to the second door on the balcony. On it, in black letters, the numbers "06" had been painted. She let me turn the knob, and I did. I gasped softly… Inside was an exact replica of the room I had left behind at my house. Everything was the same… The posters on the wall, the clothes on the floor, everything.

Ichiko walked in and sat on the bed as she looked around. "Nice room. It's nice to have another girl around… I mean, you saw how Aori is. It's not exactly easy to be friends with her."

"I didn't think it was. She didn't even say a word while we were down there," I answered as I closed the door behind me and flicked on the light. I walked over to the bed and lay down behind Ichiko, staring up at the ceiling.

"Hey, what's the deal with Raiu?" I asked suddenly. I had been thinking about it, but I didn't think I'd actually ask…

"Raiu? Oh, he's just like Aori- held back. They don't really try to mingle with any of us, so don't expect them to… Well, maybe Raiu will like you. He's not as held back as Aori. Seems to get along pretty well with Yakedo actually, so I'm left with Tou. He's ok I guess, but I'd rather have a girl around."

"Yeah, I understand…" We were quiet for a while, and then I asked, "Hey, you never answered my question?"

"Which one?"

"Has someone been found to use ES-08?"

"Nope. There isn't even someone for ES-07, but there's a rumor going around that there has… At least, that's what Aori says… She says a lot of things actually, but it's all usually true. Yesterday, she told me that ES-09 was already found too… I'm having a hard time believing that though, since ES-08 was barely found last week, but then again, ES-05 and 06 were found in the same week too…"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm not sure… All I know is that they were found in the same week… At least, that's what Tou told me. He knows the whole story, so you'd have to ask him about it."

"Oh, ok, I will."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah- that machine downstairs, the silver one, what's it for?"

"Oh, that? That's where we get out food. We send in an order for what we want, and the Mess Hall sends it through that."


"Yeah… Well, I guess I'll be going, so, if you need anything, I'm right next door."

"Ok. Bye."

"Bye. Want me to turn off the lights?"

"Sure." Ichiko walked out of the room as she turned off the switch, and I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. The door shut.

Slowly, I fell asleep with a head full of different thoughts… troublesome thoughts…

But sleep came anyway.