Hmm… wow… I don't like posting short stories but one my friends online said I should, she was very forceful about it. Oh well… here it is, written the same day I had to turn it in, don't tell my English teacher though. The topic was basically "Write about your favourite animal." My favvy animal is the Raven, and I'm strange, so I wrote about some myth that tells of Peacock becoming jealous of Raven and making him paint himself black. I took it and change it around a bit. I hope you don't mind. This is –my- version of the myth. God, I love Raven.


Raven relaxed in a tall tree, high above the well-manicured garden of the Vietnamese plantation. The sun glowed with young health and the dew from predawn moisture sparkled in the afternoon light. It was a peaceful day, a day without having to worry about collecting new food, or fending himself from troublesome obligations.

The wise bird shook his feathers until they stood up on their ends. His feathers were nothing shocking to see, they didn't sparkle, held no color and were, by no means, attractive. Raven didn't let the lack of colorful plumage spoil his delightful afternoon. Even the irritating fox wouldn't be able to force a gloom over his cloudless day.

"Pray, friend, will you come down from your high perch to join me for lunch?"

Raven looked down from his nesting branch, Peacock, a close friend of his, was watching him from below. Peacock's appearance was a lot like Raven's, his dull and unpolished feathers did nothing to catch one's attention. On the other hand, Peacock's personality was very different from Raven's; he was far more vain, less intelligent and uncaring of nature. Peacock also had a temper that matched his ineptness.

Raven fluttered down to meet his friend under the broad oak he had once rested in. Together, they ate in a peaceful and comfortable silence.

The tranquility didn't last long though, Peacock broke the quiet with a loud remark, "Staring at you, brother, makes me realize how boring it must be to look upon myself." He sighed as he dreamed of one day being gorgeous.

Raven nibbled away on the sweet cake in his mouth, "Brother Peacock, perhaps not everything in this world evolves around your appearance," Raven remarked sadly.

Peacock groaned, "You would say that, for you have wisdom past any other creature on this god giving planet. Appearance means as little to you as your pride does."

A small bud of anger was beginning to blossom in Raven, but he kept a straight face and his eyes unreadable. "I assure you, oh brother, that I hold my pride second to my honor, and first to my astuteness."

Peacock gave Raven a mocking glare. "Why not uphold your strong words and do me a little favor?"

"I would sooner hear what you ask than perform it," Raven responded curtly.

"Bring love and beauty to my wings. Give the people something to look at, something that will make my name live past the present."

Raven was hushed as he contemplated his friend's request. "Very well, I will give you such beauty that you will put people to awe, but only under one condition."

Peacock grinned brightly, "Anything. I will do anything for you in return."

"You must do the same onto me, paint my feathers until they shine with the same intensity yours will, such is my boon," Raven said seriously.

Peacock agreed as the two returned to their home to retrieve the paint.

After they returned to the shade underneath the great oak, paint at hand, Raven instructed Peacock to hold as still as he could while Raven painted.

Peacock did as he was told, terrified that he would be at fault if he caused Raven to make a mistake.

However, Raven painted without mistake, he poured his whole soul into his painting. He loved his brother, and promised on his honor to make him stunning. As he painted he spoke softly to his friend.

"I paint the eyes of the beautiful, so that your beauty is always being seen and acknowledged, a long tail, so that some of your beauty might trail behind in people's hearts, and finally a crown, so all may know the beauty of your power." As Raven finished, he gazed upon his work with great pride.

Peacock turned to the pond next to the great oak. He gawked at his reflection. "How lovely your touch is, brother Raven," he said as he fawned over his comeliness.

"I filled it with all of my heart," Raven added fondly.

Raven allowed Peacock to admire himself in silence, but, when he thought the time was appropriate, he spoke to his friend again, "Dear Peacock, you must pay back what you owe," he gently reminded.

Peacock looked over at Raven, his eyes wide with remembrance. But Peacock hesitated before he grabbed the paints. If he made Raven as beautiful as himself, wouldn't the glory and fame be taken away?

Raven sat on the soft grass, closing his eyes like Peacock had done for him. He didn't move as he began to feel the strokes of the fine brush on his feathers, he didn't dare mess with Peacock's piece. Surely he was pouring his whole soul into the painting, like he himself had done.

It wasn't long before the brush was pulled away and Peacock stepped back. "I am done, brother Raven."

Raven opened his eyes, finding that Peacock was standing in front of him, a malicious look twinkling in his eyes.

Raven turned to the pond, where he leaned over the edge and gazed into his reflection.


Such a suiting color, Raven thought to himself, as he stared at his coal-dark feathers. He turned to Peacock, who was smirking in victory.

Peacock had obviously gotten the better of the bargain. He stood, enriched with color and life, staring at his brother, cloaked in black heartlessness.

Peacock had expected to be scorned, even attacked, he had not expected for the small, sad smile that curled at the corners of Raven's beak.

"I would expect no less," he said gracefully. "Black is the color you painted me, and even though I was kind enough to paint beauty on each of your feathers, you did not return the favor…"

"I could not have my brother taking away the only thing I hold over him," Peacock interrupted.

Raven continued, ignoring Peacock's protest, "You painted me with all your soul. Your soul of black."

Peacock smirked, "And yet, you will be the only one to ever know that, for you bear the true weight of my soul, and I bear your faithful, handsome one."

"Yes, but I still have my pride of being someone honorable and wise."

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