Heavy, heavy

Closing eyes

He kneels, he is already broken

And he hasn't even fought

She stands, she has won

Before she even fought...

Blinking in the sunlight;

Stinging his eyes

Singing in hers...

She reaches up, reaches out

He reaches no more.

He looks for the light but sees only stars

He looks for the skin but sees only scars

She looks at the scars but sees only healing

She looks at heartbreak but sees only feeling

He cannot lift his eyes to the mountains

The mountains are too high to scale

She cannot let the dewdrops weigh her down

As she dances up her dusty trail.

Her eyes appeal to heaven

His eyes conceal his hope

Because she is dancing, dancing

And he is standing all alone

Alone in all her simple joy

She'll see only happiness

And he will kneel concealed in dark

Hiding dreams of dancing bliss

For every human being

Has a spark within

For every eye flicks upwards

When the strength wears thin...

For pessimism is a mask we sometimes wear

To save us from the dancing disarray

But the soul is a flame that always faces up

And who are we to turn it off its way?