I spotted the asshole as soon as I could spot my grandma in a High School. Not saying he doesn't belong, he's just, well, he dances like an idiot. Not that I dance any better, or anything, but you know, he was recognizable doing a cross between the robot and the macarena. I was definitely frightened, but I walked up anyway. When he spotted me, he met me halfway between where he and I were standing.

"Hey, Kezzy," He was drunk or high or something, and me being the straight-edge I am, asked him a question I found necessary while evaluating the situation.

"What are you on?"

"I took a few hits of some shit, and this is like my eighth cup of beer or something, I dunno...," He said sliding his hand around my waist.

"You should drink some water, Mitchell," I said trying to get him to drink water it off or something. I dunno, I guess I saw it on a movie, and it seemed to work, so why the hell not?

"Hey, Kezzy," he whispered in my ear, and I could smell enough of his previous beverages on his breath to swear off parties my whole life, "I got a surprise for you upstairs!" Ooh, can we change whatever it is to a mint or a new date, preferably Fuzzball over there, setting up our equipment (Brian's nickname— only when he does his hair how I like— all messed up with teal tips. Makes me wanna lick his hair. Mmm, the sweet taste of hair products!).

Mitchell dragged me upstairs to a room that was white, with cracked walls. There was a bed with no blankets or pillows sitting against the wall, across from the door.

I decided to ask a question, "Mitchell, do you play guitar and bass well?"

"Nah, I just pretend to play. Gets me the ladies. It got me you, didn't it?"

"What?" I asked, somewhat insulted and disgusted that he'd do that.

"Oh, Kezz-Kezz-Kezzy," He said coming closer to me, "I know you're obsessed with me, so I'm going to give you something you've always wanted. A kiss, and hmm, maybe more..." He said touching an area, that practically was my chest area.

"Mitchell, you're drunk and high, and I'm in a room with you at a party, where my best friend is, who, by the way, I'm in love with," I said, going towards the door.

"Oh, so you are Kezzy the Lezzy? That would be the only reason a woman wouldn't want to sleep with me," He said, coming closer to the door.

"Right— well, nice talking to you, in an abandoned room, but the band really needs me," I said, opening the door.

"Kezzy, you can always invite her up here too; there's enough of me to go around," He said, shutting the door.

"Uhm, no, I don't think he'd like that."

"He? But you're obsessed with me!"

"No, no, that was all just an act! Aren't you thrilled? Now you don't have to deal with Nerdy, Dorky, losery, Kezzy The Lezzy being all over you!"

"Kezzy, you're passing up on an offer this good? Me, alone, in a room, with you? Oh, and it has a bed!"

"Yeah, Mitchell, I'm completely and utterly over you."

He shook his head and walked away. . . then sprinted over to me— "Ah! I know what it is! You're a virgin!"

"Well, yeah, but even so— I don't want to lose my virginity to you," I suddenly felt like this was one of those lifetime movies where the girl was about to get raped.

"Kezzy, there's no need to be ashamed of your virginity being lost. It's a great feeling!"

"Mitchell, I'm leaving now!"

"But Kezzy— You love me!" He grabbed my upper arm.

"Actually, Mitchell, I don't even like you. Strange thoughts you have storming around your head. Now, I must go play the guitar with my future boyfriend, who can play guitar— and bass— and drums— piano— anything! Oh, and my friends will be there too! Aren't we so excited!" I said, patted him on the head, and then left— out the room door, down the hall, down the stairs, and onto the floor of the lower level of the gigantic house. Renea came up to me, and started blabbling about Marcus guy.

Alexx walked in, and screamed "HI!" and pointed at his date who was in a red poodle skirt. She was also wearing a shirt with a tie. I liked her style. Her name was Bev— short for Beverly. She had Bobby Shoes on and her hair in a ponytail with a scarf tied around it. She had on Alexx's necklace— his silver "I'm a rock star, now shut the fuck up Necklace!" She still had her fifties' nerd glasses. She was literally lost in the fifties.

Asa's date: Darcie's little brother. Surprising? Nah. Good match really. Aden— that one— not Squirt. That'd be really sad, actually.

And Darcie's someone? Get ready world for the new reality series— Dating My Friends' Brother! A new show where two of my best friends date the brothers of another of mine. Sounds exciting? Get real.

But yeah, Darcie's little letters to no one that got to someone? Renea's brother. Yeah— South Park Boxers Dude. What a strange and small world we live in.

Va was there too. She was talking to that guy that tripped me into the world of Mitchell-ness.. What a interconnection of strangeness. Delton— pfft him.

Pretty soon enough, we were on. We played a lot of songs. Alexx on the keyboard. Darcie on drums. Me on guitar. Brian on Bass. Brian and I (ooo! I get sucha a kick outta that phrase) for vocals.

We sang a bunch of our normals we practice. At first when playing... that night that is: I was pretty freaked out.

I was nervous. My nervousness led me to play a few of the wrong notes.

We played and played and played and played and played and played and played and played and played and played— well, you get the point. So we played, as I have mentioned, and soon enough I got really thirsty. We took our first break of our first gig.

Va went up to the microphone... and who knows what she started rapping about.

Brian said I looked beautiful, and I told him he looked sexy. He raised his eyebrows, and the did this like lip twitch thing where he's thinking to his self, "Mm, she's right. I smell good, I look good, I am all that and a side of fries, mmkay? Oh and supersize that side of potato!" then he turned away and got me a soda, since he and I refuse to drink.

We talked for a little while at how well it was coming along. The gig, you know, that thing where you play? Yeah, just thought I'd remind you because I forgot while I was staring deeply into Brian's eyes and pleading— "Love me, Love me, say that you love me... love me, love me, pretend that you love me..." so you can see why I'd forget so easily. That song is hard to sing when you go up on the high part. You do realize the above quotation is a song, right? Yeah, well I forgot too when I was looking in Brian's eyes, so I just thought I'd remind you.

Pretty soon we kicked Va off the stage, and took our places.

Brian talked to Darcie, and Darcie talked to Alexx. But no one was telling me what song we were playing. Brain was up by the mic, and Darcie was ready. I went over by Alexx.

"What's going on!?!? What song are we playing?" I asked loudly. It was really loud in the house.

"Kezzy! It's time!"

Time? Time? What time? "What time? Time for what?"

"To hear something I made for you," Brain said from right smack dab behind me.

"What kinda thing?" I asked, intrigued and freaked out. All three of those fools were grinning at me.

"A song, you ingrate! The song!" Darcie screamed.

Uhmmmmmmmm... I didn't know what to do? Song? Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song?

Brian started talking into the microphone.


Brian was playing a guitar now, instead of bass. I blinked rapidly, thinking maybe if I get too much dust in my eye from not blinking and trying to take it all in, I'd wake up from this dream.

There was this guitar solo in the beginning that went: na na na na. Na na na na. Na na.

Then Brian sang softly into the microphone:

"Na na na na la la la la

Why can't...you...

I hope and wait

For you to see

That I am here

Right in front of you.

But you don't see,

You never will,

when I see you,

All is still.

And it's like Heaven

that I can't have.

I can't confess 'cause

I'm too shy

And it hurts when you talk

About that other guy..."

Then he started strumming loudly and the drums pick up: ba ba ba ba ba! And the keyboard is going: ping ping ping ping piiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Then he shouted :

"Can't you see?

It's killing me.

I'm falling in front of you

Trying to get you to notice

That I feel

The way I wish you would

You're ignoring my words

Pretending not to be

In love with me.

"Chewing up post its

Miniature paper cuts

like the cuts on my heart...

Did you plan this from the start?

You got me hooked, like a fish, with nothing to hold on to

But you.

I'm lost, I'm losing, I'm so confused,

And it feels like I'm just bein' used.

I hate and love at the same time

Mixed Emotions in my mind."

At this moment, I realize how stupid I look just staring at them.

Brian kept strumming, and sang:

"We both know

That words are lies

Love is one of them

Four letters for a strong emotion

It's a lie to you...

You hide behind fake feelings

But I'm still here,

Still wanting, still needing


It's like hate,

It's like love

You're my Heaven

From above."

Brian kept on playing, and everything went all amazing with his voice and a few people clapping to the beat:

" Chewing up post its

Miniature paper cuts

like the cuts on my heart...

Did you plan this from the start?

You got me hooked, like a fish, with nothing to hold on to

But you.

I'm lost, I'm losing, I'm so confused,

And it feels like I'm just bein' used.

I hate and love at the same time

Mixed emotions in my mind."

I kept staring at this scene. What did it all mean? He kept up his playing, singing and looking at me too:

"You're my kinda perfect

There's just one little defect

Your low self confidence

Has got you not seeing...

That I'm here...

That I want you too.

That I love you.

Nothing lasts

Let our friendship be one of those things

I want you to belong

With me...

Love me... na na na na na na na na na na na na na na naa.. La la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa.."

Stupid. Stupid, stupid looking me... I sang in my head.

I walked up to the microphone, and sang with him:

"Chewing up post its

Miniature paper cuts

like the cuts on my heart...

Did you plan this from the start?

You got me hooked, like a fish, with nothing to hold on to

But you.

I'm lost, I'm losing, I'm so confused,

And it feels like I'm just bein' used.

I hate and love at the same time

Mixed Emotions in my mind."

Brian stopped. He looked at me, and he walked over to me. He leaned down about five inches, and held onto the sides of my head. I went all cross eyed, and he shook his head. Then, everything was gone. It was just me and him. And my lips and his lips of course. They were touching. We were kissing. I was frozen in a moment. Pretty soon a buncha lights went on in my head, and I realized, I was onstage, kissing my best friend. I grabbed onto his hips and brought him closer. I opened my eyes, and saw his, opening as well. Was I sending brain messages through my lips? Oh, how Twilight-zone-ey!

He went up to my microphone, and kept playing his guitar and sang:

"Chewing up post its

Miniature paper cuts

like the cuts on my heart...

Did you plan this from the start?

You got me hooked, like a fish, with nothing to hold on to

But you.

I'm lost, I'm losing, I'm so confused,

And it feels like I'm just bein' used.

I hate and love at the same time

Mixed Emotions in my mind."

I decided to sing also, so I did...

I held the last note... for kicks.

I grabbed his head and I kissed him again.

And that was how that happened. The whole story. Falling in love with my best friend, or already being in it. I think it's a story that deserves and award or something.

Wait! I forgot! I forgot! The tape! The tape!

When I got home from the party, I almost forgot about the tape, until I was halfway asleep.

I put it in the tape player and listened.

"Hey, Kezzy," It was Brian's voice, "If you're listening to this after the party like I said, then you'll know. I-I-I love you. And it hurts so much when you talk about Mitchell. And I hate that you broke my heart when I shouldn't feel this way about you. I hate you, but I love you, and it's a strange feeling. Speedy said that you're a bitch that needs some mental care, and I couldn't agree more on the latter part of his accusation but the former part... it's wrong. I hit him for it.

"Keziah Madison, the chewed up post its that I gave you? Yeah, well, if you care to flip through them, there will be a post it, that I did in fact chew up, that says: Forever and For Always In Love- and then one of those i-zone sticky things. You see that tree in the picture? That tree is in the mall, close to Victoria's Secret— which by the way, I don't understand the tree in a public building but, who the hell really cares, eh?— anyway, if you look closely, it has our initials sharpied into it.

"Kezzy, just remember I love you, and I don't know if you end up with me in the end and live happily ever after— doubt you would in the first place, or if you end up with asshole and become pregnant at an early age. Either way: I love you."

Now if that wasn't the sweetest thing, everyday, he'd leave a post it note on something of mine. It'd say: "I love you more each day..." or some other corny love saying you can't help but awe at.

So you see: my story? Is it interesting? Phenomenal? Absolutely the most stupidest thing in the world? No. I know that much. It's none of these things. But it's mine, and its characters are mine. And the setting? I live in it. The world isn't my stage— it's my page, and so I shall give the world a page full of something to laugh at, cry for, rage in fury for, and shake your head at, for however long it takes until I finally run out of things for my page to turn multicolor on. And maybe I'll fall in love all over again. With Brian, don't worry.